Broderick, Patricia A.

Bioimaging in Neurodegeneration

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Table of contents

I.Parkinson’s Disease

1. Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy in Parkinson’s Disease
W. R. Wayne Martin

2. Positron Emission Tomography and Single-Photon Emission Tomography in the Diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease
Paul D. Acton

3. Positron Emission Tomography in Parkinson’s Disease
André R. Troiano, A. Jon Stoessl

4. [123I]-Altropane SPECT
Hubert H. Fernandez, Paula D. Ravin, Dylan P. Wint

5. Positron Emission Tomography and Embryonic Dopamine Cell Transplantation in Parkinson’s Disease
Yilong Ma, Vijay Dhawan, Curt Freed, Stanley Fahn, David Eidelberg

II.Alzheimer’s Disease

6. Neurotoxicity of the Alzheimer’s ß-Amyloid Peptide
David R. Howlett

7. Functional Imaging and Psychopathological Consequences of Inflammation in Alzheimer’s Dementia
Jan Versijpt, Rudi A. Dierckx, Jakob Korf

8. Neurotoxic Oxidative Metabolite of Serotonin
Ladislav Volicer, Monika Z. Wrona, Wayne Matson, Glenn Dryhurst

9. Predicting Progression of Alzheimer’s Disease With Magnetic Resonance
Kejal Kantarci, Clifford R. Jack

10. Stages of Brain Functional Failure in Alzheimer’s Disease
Stanley I. Rapoport


11. Neocortical Epilepsy
Jun Natsume, Andrea Bernasconi, Mirko Diksic

12. Pediatric Cortical Dysplasia
Bharathi Dasan Jagadeesan, Csaba Juhász, Diane C. Chugani, Harry T. Chugani

13. Bioimaging L-Tryptophan in Human Hippocampus and Neocortex
Steven V. Pacia, Patricia A. Broderick

14. In Vivo Intrinsic Optical Signal Imaging of Neocortical Epilepsy
Sonya Bahar, Minah Suh, Ashesh Mehta, Theodore H. Schwartz

15. Intraoperative Magnetic Resonance Imaging in the Surgical Treatment of Epilepsy
Theodore H. Schwartz

16. Periodic Epileptiform Discharges Associated With Increased Cerebral Blood Flow
Imran I. Ali, Noor A. Pirzada

17. Imaging White Matter Signals in Epilepsy Patients
Patricia A. Broderick, Steven V. Pacia

IV.Leukodystrophy (White Matter) Diseases

18. Overview of the Leukoencephalopathies
Edwin H. Kolodny

19. Pyramidal Tract Involvement in Adult Krabbe’s Disease
Laura Farina, Alberto Bizzi, Mario Savoiardo

20. Imaging Leukodystrophies
Annette O. Nusbaum

21. Advanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Leukodystrophies
Edwin Y. Wang, Meng Law

22. Childhood Mitochondrial Disorders and Other Inborn Errors of Metabolism Presenting With White Matter Disease
Adeline Vanderver, Andrea L. Gropman

23. Mitochondrial Disease
Graham J. Kemp


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