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Table of contents

I. Preventive Nutrition Overview

1. Preventive Nutrition
Nancy D. Ernst, J. Michael McGinnis

II. Cancer Prevention

2. Prevention of Cancers of the Esophagus and Stomach
Elizabeth T. H. Fontham, L. Joseph Su

3. Non-Nutritive Components in Foods as Modifiers of the Cancer Process
Keith W. Singletary, Steven J. T. Jackson, John A. Milner

4. Dietary Supplements and Cancer Risk
Marian L. Neuhouser, Ruth E. Patterson, Alan R. Kristal, Emily White

5. Soy Consumption and Cancer Prevention
Jin-Rong Zhou, John W. Erdman

6. Tomato, Lycopene, and Prostate Cancer
Jessica K. Campbell, John W. Erdman

III. Cardiovascular Disease Prevention

7. Iron and Heart Disease
Christopher T. Sempos, Richard F. Gillum, Anne C. Looker

8. Homocysteine, Folic Acid, and Cardiovascular Disease Risk
Shirley A. A. Beresford, Arno G. Motulsky

9. n-3 Fatty Acids from Fish and Plants
William E. Connor, Sonja L. Connor

10. Antioxidant Vitamin Supplementation and Cardiovascular Disease
Howard N. Hodis, Wendy J. Mack, Alex Sevanian

11. Health Effects of Trans Fatty Acids
Ronald P. Mensink, Susanne H. F. Vermunt

IV. Diabetes and Obesity

12. Obesity and Insulin Resistance in Childhood and Adolescence
Erik Bergström, Olle Hernell

13. Prevention of Pediatric Obesity
Myles S. Faith, Christina J. Calamaro, Angelo Pietrobelli, Meredith S. Dolan, David B. Allison, Steven B. Heymsfield

14. Can Childhood Obesity Be Prevented?
Christine L. Williams

15. Obesity and Chronic Disease
Henry I. Frier, Harry L. Greene

V. Bone Diseases

16. Osteoarthritis
Timothy E. McAlindon

17. Calcium Requirements During Treatment of Osteoporosis in Women
Richard Eastell

18. Osteoporosis
Robert P. Heaney

VI. Prevention of Major Disabilities: Improvement in Health Outcomes

19. Antioxidant Status and Risk for Cataract
Mark Siegal, Chung-Jung Chiu, Allen Taylor

20. Antioxidant Nutrients and Prevention of Oxidant-Mediated Diseases
Ronald Anderson

21. Nutritional Supplements and Upper Respiratory Tract Illnesses in Young Children in the United States
Linda A. Linday

22. Micronutrients and Immunity in Older People
John D. Bogden, Donald B. Louria

23. Vitamin A and the Prevention of Morbidity, Mortality, and Blindness
Richard D. Semba

VII. Optimal Pregnancy/Infancy Outcomes

24. Folic Acid-Containing Multivitamins and Primary Prevention of Birth Defects
Andrew E. Czeizel

25. Maternal Nutrition and Preterm Delivery
Theresa O. Scholl

26. Dietary Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids for Optimal Neurodevelopment
Ricardo Uauy, Patricia Mena, Adolfo Llanos, Patricio Peirano

27. Micronutrient Deficiencies and Maternal Thinness
Martin W. Bloem, Saskia Pee, Ian Darnton-Hill

VIII. Preventive Nutrition: Global Perspective

28. Potential Benefits of Preventive Nutrition Strategies
Walter C. Willett

29. Nutrition and Food Policy in Norway
Kaare R. Norum, Gunn-Elin A. Bjørneboe, Arne Oshaug, Grete Botten, Lars Johansson

30. Prevention of Malnutrition in Chile
Fernando Mönckeberg Barros

31. Effect of Westernization of Nutritional Habits on Obesity Prevalence in Latin America
Jaime Rozowski, Oscar Castillo, Manuel Moreno

32. Effects of Western Diet on Risk Factors of Chronic Diseases in Asia
Kaichi Kida, Koji Takemoto, Sei Won Yang, Supawadee Likitmaskul

IX. Critical Issues for the 21st Century

33. Alcohol
William E. M. Lands

34. Influence of Medication on Nutritional Status
Joseph I. Boullata

35. Health Claims for Foods and Dietary Supplements
Annette Dickinson

36. Teaching Preventive Nutrition in Medical School
Martin Kohlmeier, Steven H. Zeisel

37. Preventive Nutrition Throughout the Life Cycle
Adrianne Bendich, Richard J. Deckelbaum

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Nutrition and Health
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