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Cancer Gene Therapy

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Table of contents

1. Cancer Gene Therapy
Malcolm K. Brenner

2. The Genetic Basis of Cancer
Akseli Hemminki, Kari Hemminki

3. Tumor Suppressor Gene Replacement for Cancer
Jack A. Roth, Susan F. Grammer

4. Antisense Technology
Ruiwen Zhang, Hui Wang

5. Cancer Therapeutic Applications of Ribozymes and RNAi
Lisa Scherer, John J. Rossi

6. Fusogeneic Membrane Glycoproteins for Cancer Gene Therapy
Andrew Bateman, Vy Phan, Alan Melcher, Emmanouela Linardakis, Kevin Harrington, Richard Vile

7. Suicide Gene Therapy
Caroline J. Springer, Ion Niculescu-Duvaz

8. Molecular Chemotherapy Approaches
Daniel H. Palmer, David J. Kerr

9. Genetic Immunotherapy Approaches
Denise R. Shaw, Albert F. LoBuglio

10. Immunotherapy of Cancer by Dendritic Cell-Targeted Gene Transfer
Tanja D. Gruijl, Herbert M. Pinedo, Rik J. Scheper

11. Dendritic Cells
Weiping Zou, Shuang Wei, Tyler J. Curiel

12. Polynucleotide Immunization for Cancer Therapy
Theresa V. Strong

13. Development of Oncolytic Replication-Competent Herpes Simplex Virus Vectors
Tomoki Todo, Samuel D. Rabkin

14. Development of Oncolytic Adenoviruses
John A. Howe, Robert Ralston, Murali Ramachandra

15. Conditionally Replicating Adenoviruses for Cancer Treatment
Ramon Alemany

16. Reovirus as an Oncolytic Agent
Megan K. Patrick, Kara L. Norman, Patrick W. K. Lee

17. Antiangiogenic Gene Therapy of Cancer
Steve Gyorffy, Jack Gauldie, A. Keith Stewart, Xiao-Yan Wen

18. Proapoptotic Strategy in Cancer Gene Therapy
David H. Holman, Marc L. Hyer, Ahmed El-Zawahry, Gina M. Keller, James S. Norris

19. Antimetastasis
Duen-Hwa Yan, Kung-Ming Rau, Mien-Chie Hung

20. Antimetastatic Gene Therapy
Thomas A. Gardner, Juan Antonio Jiménez, Leland W. K. Chung, Chinghai Kao

21. Drug Resistance Gene Transfer as an Antitumor Strategy
Colin L. Sweeney, R. Scott McIvor

22. Chemosensitization
Per Eystein Lønning

23. Radiosensitization by Gene Therapy
Steven J. Chmura, Michael Garofalo, Ralph R. Weichselbaum

24. Nonviral Vector Systems for Cancer Gene Therapy
Greg F. Walker, Ernst Wagner

25. Viral Vectors for Cancer Gene Therapy
Joanne T. Douglas, David T. Curiel

26. Bacterial Systems for Tumor-Specific Gene Therapy
J. Martin Brown, Shie-Chau Liu, Jan Theys, Philippe Lambin

27. Molecular Imaging of Cancer Gene Therapy
Harvey R. Herschman

28. Cancer-Related Gene Therapy Clinical Trials
Robert J. Korst, Ronald G. Crystal

29. Regulatory Aspects in the Development of Gene Therapies
Rosemarie Aurigemma, Joseph E. Tomaszewski, Sheryl Ruppel, Stephen Creekmore, Edward A. Sausville


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