Opwanya, L. A. K.

Incessant Sound of Nature

Opwanya, L. A. K. - Incessant Sound of Nature, ebook


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In an isolated place, quite unlike any place you know about, lived a sporty young dream child. For her, nature was a playground. In this idyllic setting she was miles away from the modern world, separated by a real lack of communication means. She felt secure in the comfort provided by both her parents and grandparents. She was encouraged to go to school, but her schooldays were cut short. One day she spotted her grandfather leaving for the woods carrying his hunting kit on his shoulder. Unnoticed, she quickly decided to follow on behind him. Unfortunately their path led them both into the hands of bad men, who killed her grandfather and captured her. She eventually escaped into the remote African bush. The horror of what she witnessed there is now indelibly etched on her heart, but she saw many wonderful things too. She survived, helped by hard graft, keeping a cool head, hanging loose, and staying calm and controlled. Her thoughts always turned back home to her mother. It was a testing time and far away her family was waiting for her return. She experienced so many of the ups and downs that come with nature - things that most people don’t see. She had to cope with issues like the landscape, weather, danger, loneliness, starvation, insects and other wildlife, but incredibly, she was loved, supported and guarded by the warmest of her imaginary friends, Mr Python.

Keywords: Africa, African bush, animals, nature, survival, wildlife, imaginary friend, insects, horror, elephants, zebras, snakes, living on wits, butterflies, remote community, tragedy, danger, capture, escape, adventure, survive in the wild

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