Abubakar, Amina

Handbook of Applied Developmental Science in Sub-Saharan Africa

Abubakar, Amina - Handbook of Applied Developmental Science in Sub-Saharan Africa, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Introductory Note

1. Introduction
Amina Abubakar, Fons J. R. Vijver

Part II. Social-Cultural Influences on Child Development

2. Parenting, Environment, and Early Child Development in Sub-Saharan Africa
Marc H. Bornstein, Diane L. Putnick, Paul Oburu, Jennifer E. Lansford, Kirby Deater-Deckard, Robert H. Bradley, Riku Moriguchi, Pia Rebello Britto

3. Exploring Differences in the Rural Home Environment: The Role of Biological and Environmental Factors
Patricia Kadzo Kitsao-Wekulo, Penny Holding, Robert H. Bradley, H. Gerry Taylor, Jane Kvalsvig, Nori Minich, Christopher J. Burant, Kevin Connolly

4. Early Socio-Emotional Development of Cameroonian Nso Farmer Children
Hiltrud Otto, Heidi Keller

5. Fatherhood in the African Context: Review and a Case Study in Kenya
Amina Abubakar, Stanley W. Wanjala, Anneloes L. Van Baar

6. Sibling Caregiving and Its Implications in Sub-Saharan Africa
Maureen Mweru

Part III. Biomedical Influences on Child Development

7. Infections of the Central Nervous System and Child Development in Sub-Saharan Africa
Amina Abubakar

8. The Impact of Helminth Infections on Developmental and Educational Outcomes
Margaret Nampijja

9. Diabetes in Sub-Saharan African Children: Risks, Care, and Challenges
Given Hapunda, Frans Pouwer

10. Nutritional Influences on Child Development in Africa
Melissa Gladstone

Part IV. Methodological Considerations

11. How to Adapt Tests for Sub-Saharan Africa
Amina Abubakar, Fons J. R. Vijver

12. The Potential of Qualitative Research for Applied Developmental Science in Sub-Saharan Africa
Carolin Demuth

13. Ethical Issues in Conducting Child Development Research in Sub-Saharan Africa
Cheryl D. Foxcroft

14. Doing Human Development Scholarship in Africa Within the Crosscurrents of Euro-Western Intellectual Cascades
A. Bame Nsamenang

Part V. Intervention Strategies

15. Potential Uses of Computer-Based Cognitive Rehabilitation Programs
Bryan Novak, Bruno Giordani, Michael Boivin, Brian Winn

16. A Mediational Intervention for Sensitizing Caregivers (MISC): A Cross-Cultural Early Intervention
Pnina S. Klein, Cilly Shohet, Deborah Givon

17. A Culturally Sensitive Approach to Promoting Initial Literacy Development in Africa: Ongoing and Planned Research and Development at the University of Zambia’s Centre for Promotion of Literacy in Sub-Saharan Africa (CAPOLSA)
Robert Serpell, Jacqueline Jere-Folotiya, Tamara Chansa-Kabali, Jonathan Munachaka, Mwanza Nakawala Maumbi, Christopher Yalukanda, Francis Sampa, Heikki Lyytinen

18. Community-Based Rehabilitation for Human Development in Sub-Saharan Africa
Elias Mpofu, Lisa Lopez Levers, Jonathan Makuwira, Kumbirai Mpofu, George Mamboleo

19. Education for All or Literacy for All? Evaluating Student Outcomes from Save the Children’s Literacy Boost Program in Sub-Saharan Africa
Elliott Friedlander, Amy Jo Dowd, Jarret Guajardo, Lauren Pisani

Part VI. From Research to Policy and Practice

20. Using Research to Influence Policy and Practice: The Case of the Pathways-to-Resilience Study (South Africa)
Linda C. Theron

Keywords: Psychology, Child and School Psychology, Pediatrics, Social Work, Developmental Psychology, Public Health, Educational Psychology

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