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Table of contents

Part I. Healthy Cities in History

1. Cities and Health from the Neolithic to the Anthropocene
Evelyne Leeuw

2. Equitable and Healthy City Planning: Towards Healthy Urban Governance in the Century of the City
Jason Corburn

3. From Health Care to the Promotion of Health: Establishing the Conditions for Healthy Communities in Canada
Ann Pederson, Irving Rootman

4. Healthy Cities Emerge: Toronto–Ottawa–Copenhagen
Trevor Hancock

5. Healthy Cities Move to Maturity
Evelyne Leeuw, Jean Simos

Part II. Regional World Perspectives

6. Healthy Cities in Africa: A Continent of Difference
Jean Simos, Françoise Belemel Naissem, Jonas Naissem, Fatoumata Maïga Sokona, Jean de Dieu Konongo, Amidou Sani, Jason Corburn, Irene Karanja, Jack Makau, Ama de-Graft Aikins, Abdelhamid Haroun

7. Healthy Cities in the Eastern Mediterranean: From Sanitation to Comprehensive Policy
Nastaran Keshavarz Mohammadi, Mohammad Assai, Samar ElFeky

8. Healthy Municipalities, Cities and Communities in Latin America: Strong Histories, Committed Futures
Marilyn Rice, Cris Franceschini, Nina Wallerstein, Raul Mercer, Karina Cimmino, Lucero Rodriguez, Ljubica Latinovic, Paola Pliego, Jose Osney Velandia Rodríguez, Gloria Libia Polanía Aguillón, Ana María Mahecha Groot, Teófilo Monteiro, Ana Rivière-Cinnamond, Ronice Franco de Sá, Guillermo Hegel

9. Healthy Cities and Communities: The North American Experience
Trevor Hancock, Tyler Norris, Réal Lacombe, Fran Perkins

10. Healthy Cities in Europe: Structured, Unique, and Thoughtful
Helen Wilding, Ronald Gould, Julia Taylor, Annette Sabouraud, Patricia Saraux-Salaün, Dionysia Papathanasopoulou, Antonio Blasio, Zsuzsanna Nagy, Jean Simos

11. The Diversity of Healthy Cities in Asia and the Pacific
Keiko Nakamura, Ai Chaobang John Ashton

12. Healthy Cities, Urbanisation, and Healthy Islands: Oceania
Evelyne Leeuw, Anna Stevenson, Gwyn Jolley, Sandra McCarthy, Erik Martin

Part III. Grand Healthy City Challenges and Perspectives

13. Wrap-Up: Values and Governance for Urban Health
Jean Simos, Evelyne Leeuw

14. The Role of Policy Coalitions in Understanding Community Participation in Healthy Cities Projects
Carole Clavier, Michel O’Neill

15. Greening the City: The Health Evidence of Urban Nature
Mardie Townsend, Claire Henderson-Wilson

16. Local Health Planning and Governance
Evelyne Leeuw, Vivian Lin

17. From Urban Projects to Healthy City Policies
Evelyne Leeuw

18. A Supportive Tool for Urban Health: Health Impact Assessment at the Local Level
Jean Simos

19. Futures Thinking and Healthy Cities
Trevor Hancock, Clem Bezold

20. The Logic of Method for Evaluating Healthy Cities
Evelyne Leeuw, Geoff Green

21. Healthy Cities: A Political Project Designed to Change How Cities Understand and Deal with Health
Agis D. Tsouros

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, Urban Geography / Urbanism (inc. megacities, cities, towns), Urban Studies/Sociology

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