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Handbook of Global Tuberculosis Control

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Table of contents

Part I. Part I

1. Modern History of Tuberculosis Control in China
Lixia Wang

2. TB Control in Pakistan
Muhammad Amir Khan, Shirin Mirza, Ejaz Qadeer

3. TB Control in South Africa
Halima Dawood, Nesri Padayatchi

4. Tuberculosis Control in Hong Kong
Kwok Chiu Chang, Cheuk Ming Tam

5. Breakthrough Strategy for TB Control in Indonesia
Dyah Mustikawati, Yodi Mahendradhata, Jan Voskens

6. TB Control in Nigeria
Mustapha Gidado, Joshua Obasanya, Abdulrazaq G. Habib, Sambo Nasiru

Part 2. Part II

7. Diagnosis of Tuberculosis: Current Pipeline, Unmet Needs, and New Developments
Claudia M. Denkinger, Madhukar Pai

8. Current Options in Treatment and Issues in Tuberculosis Care in Low- and Middle-Income Countries
Anurag Bhargava, Dick Menzies

9. DOT Status and Development in China
Shiwen Jiang, Daiyu Hu, Xiaoqiu Liu

10. Drug-Resistant TB
Heping Xiao, Shenjie Tang, Wei Sha, Qing Zhang, Jin Zhao

11. The MDR-TB Epidemic in China: The Changing Landscape, Cause Analysis, Government Response, Current Status, and Future Aspects
Hui Zhang, Mingting Chen, Renzhong Li, Caihong Xu

12. Treatment of TB and HIV Coinfection
Qi Li

13. Concurrence of Tuberculosis and Other Major Diseases
Shouyong Tan, Haobin Kuang, Dexian Li

14. Surgery for Pulmonary Tuberculosis and Its Indications
Yu Fu, Hongjin Duanmu, Yili Fu

15. Diagnosis and Interventional Therapy by Bronchoscopy
Yu Fu, Weimin Ding

16. Intensive Care Treatment of Critical Tuberculosis
Min Zhu, Yuanyuan Chen, Minjie Mao

17. New Diagnostic Tools for Early Detection of TB
Yanlin Zhao, Shengfen Wang

18. TB Clinical Trials Conducted in China: The History and Future of the Beijing Tuberculosis and Thoracic Tumor Research Institute
Lizhen Zhu, Mengqiu Gao

19. Adapting DOTS for Application in Rural China
Guiying Wu, Xinping Zhao

Part III. Part III

20. BCG Immunization: Efficacy, Limitations, and Future Needs
Kwok Chiu Chang, Chi Chiu Leung

21. Latent Infection with Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Chen-Yuan Chiang, Sven Gudmund Hinderaker, Hsien-Ho Lin, Donald A. Enarson

22. The Tuberculosis Outbreak Response, Investigation, and Control
Robert E. Fontaine

23. Preventive Therapy Against Tuberculosis
Lin Zhou, Eryong Liu

24. Case Study: The Strategy and Implementation of Preventive Treatment for TB Infected College Students in Beijing
Xiaoxin He, Li Bo

25. Case Study Pakistan: Society Awareness and Media Coverage for TB Prevention and Treatment
Muhammad Amir Khan, Aamna Khalid

26. The Role of Directly Observed Treatment in the Tuberculosis Epidemic in Beijing
Lixing Zhang, Guangxue He

27. The Promise of New TB Vaccines
Michael J. Brennan, Lewellys F. Barker, Thomas Evans

Part IV. Part IV

28. Global Tuberculosis Surveillance
Wei Chen, Yinyin Xia, Fei Huang

29. Factors Affecting the Incidence of Tuberculosis and Measures for Control and Prevention
Hui Zhang, Jun Cheng, Yinghui Luo, Canyou Zhang

30. DNA Fingerprinting of Mycobacterium TB: A Rich Source of Fundamental and Daily Applicable Knowledge
Jessica L. Beer, Dick Soolingen

31. A Case Study: China—Implementation of Nationwide TB Epidemiology Surveys and Estimation of TB Incidence
Shiming Cheng

32. A Case Study: Japan—Evolution of Tuberculosis Surveillance in an Intermediate-Burden Nation
Toru Mori

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Epidemiology, Infectious Diseases

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