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Space Physiology and Medicine

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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction to Space Medicine

1. Evolution of Human Capabilities and Space Medicine
Arnauld E. Nicogossian, Charles R. Doarn, Yinyue Hu

2. The Environment of Space Exploration
Arnauld E. Nicogossian

3. Living and Working in Space: An Overview of Physiological Adaptation, Performance, and Health Risks
Arnauld E. Nicogossian, Richard S. Williams, Carolyn L. Huntoon, Charles R. Doarn

Part II. Space Craft Environments

4. Toxicology
John T. James

5. Microbiology
Cherie M. Oubre, Duane L. Pierson, C. Mark Ott

6. Acoustics and Audition
Christopher S. Allen, Richard W. Danielson, John R. Allen

7. Radiation Health and Protection
Kira Bacal, Joseph Romano

Part III. Space Flight and Crew Health: Adaptation, Pathophysiology, Rehabilitation, and Countermeasures

8. Cardiopulmonary System: Aeromedical Considerations
Victor S. Schneider, John B. Charles, Johnny Conkin, G. Kim Prisk

9. Neurology
Millard F. Reschke, Gilles Clément, Shea L. Thorson, Deborah L. Harm, Thomas H. Mader, Alix M. Dudley, Scott J. Wood, Jacob J. Bloomberg, Ajitkumar P. Mulavara, C. Robert Gibson, Dafydd R. Williams

10. Regulatory Physiology
Scott M. Smith, Peggy A. Whitson, Sara R. Zwart, Carolyn L. Huntoon

11. Metabolism and Nutrition
Helen W. Lane, Scott M. Smith, Vickie L. Kloeris

12. Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics
Lakshmi Putcha, Peter W. Taylor, Vernie R. Daniels, Sam L. Pool

13. Musculoskeletal Adaptation to Space Flight
Victor S. Schneider, Lori Ploutz-Snyder, Adrian D. LeBlanc, Jean Sibonga

14. Behavioral Health and Performance
Walter E. Sipes, James D. Polk, Gary Beven, Marc Shepanek

Part IV. Occupational Health and Safety Issues in Space Flight

15. Principles of Crew Health Monitoring and Care
Charles R. Doarn, Richard S. Williams, Victor S. Schneider, James D. Polk

16. International Dimension of Space Medicine
Charles R. Doarn, Richard S. Williams, Arnauld E. Nicogossian, James D. Polk

Part V. Ground-Based and Academic Training Programs

17. Simulations and Analogs (Test-Beds)
Arnauld E. Nicogossian, Dafydd R. Williams, Richard S. Williams, Victor S. Schneider

18. Training in Space Medicine
Charles R. Doarn, Richard S. Williams, Arnauld E. Nicogossian, James D. Polk

Part VI. Future Perspectives

19. Commercial Space Tourism and Space as a Biomedical Laboratory
Charles R. Doarn, Arnauld E. Nicogossian, Victor S. Schneider, Richard S. Williams

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Public Health, Intensive / Critical Care Medicine, Environmental Health, Pneumology/Respiratory System

Publication year
4th ed. 2016
Page amount
23 pages
Medicine, Health Care, Mode
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