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Handbook of East and Southeast Asian Archaeology

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Junko Habu, Peter V. Lape, John W. Olsen

Part I. History and Practice

2. Japanese Archaeology Today: New Developments, Structural Undermining, and Prospects for Disaster Archaeology
Junko Habu, Katsuyuki Okamura

3. Archaeologizing “Korean Heritage”: Cultural Properties Management and State Tourist Development
Hyung Il Pai

4. A History of Chinese Archaeology
Li Liu

5. A History of Mongolian Archaeological Studies
Byambaa Gunchinsuren

6. The Archaeology of Vietnam
Nam C. Kim

7. The Position of Cambodian Archaeology in Current Sociopolitical Context
Piphal Heng, Kaseka Phon

8. The History and Practice of Archaeology in Laos
Ben Marwick, Bounheung Bouasisengpaseuth

9. The History and Practice of Archaeology in Thailand
Rasmi Shoocongdej

10. The History and Practice of Archaeology in Myanmar
Geok Yian Goh

11. The Archaeology of Singapore
John N. Miksic

12. A History of Archaeology in Malaysia
Stephen Chia

13. The Archaeology of Indonesia
Truman Simanjuntak

14. An Outlined History of Philippine Archaeology and Its Periodization
Victor Paz

Part II. Early Occupations of Asia

15. The Early Human Occupation of East and Southeast Asia
Ryan J. Rabett

16. Paleolithic Archaeology in Japan
Fumiko Ikawa-Smith

17. Paleolithic Archaeology in Korea
Kidong Bae

18. Paleolithic Research in China
Xing Gao, Ying Guan, Xin Xu, John W. Olsen

19. The Early Occupation of Taiwan
Wei-chun Chen

20. The Development of Prehistoric Archaeology in Mongolia
Byambaa Gunchinsuren

21. Early Occupation of Southeast Asia: Dental-Skeletal Evidence
John Krigbaum

Part III. Changing Human-environment Relations from Late Pleistocene to Early Holocene

22. The Development of Pottery and Associated Technological Developments in Japan, Korea, and the Russian Far East
Simon Kaner, Yasuhiro Taniguchi

23. Human Ecology of the Early Neolithic Kuahuqiao Culture in East Asia
Yan Pan, Yunfei Zheng, Chun Chen

24. The Preagricultural Human Occupation of Primorye (Russian Far East)
Alexander N. Popov, Andrei V. Tabarev

25. Early Pottery in Island Southeast Asia
Mary Clare Swete Kelly

Part IV. Villages, Towns, and Cities: Development of Cultural and Social Complexity

26. Plant Domestication in East Asia
Gary W. Crawford

27. Subsistence, Sedentism, and Social Complexity among Jomon Hunter-Gatherers of the Japanese Archipelago
Naoko Matsumoto, Junko Habu, Akira Matsui

28. The Chulmun Period of Korea: Current Findings and Discourse on Korean Neolithic Culture
Gyoung-Ah (이경아) Lee (李炅娥)

29. The Middle and Late Neolithic Periods of China: Major Themes, Unresolved Issues, and Suggestions for Future Research
Anne P. Underhill

30. The Dian and Dong Son Cultures
Alice Yao

31. The Development of Cultural and Social Complexity in Mongolia
William Honeychurch

32. Transportation and the Anomaly of Road Systems in Medieval Mainland Southeast Asia
Mitch Hendrickson

33. The Development of Urban Places in Southeast Asia
John N. Miksic

Part V. Centers, Peripheries, and Interaction Networks

34. The Yayoi and Kofun Periods of Japan
Koji Mizoguchi

35. Mumun, Proto-Three Kingdoms, and Three Kingdoms in Korea
Sarah Milledge Nelson, Juliette Neu

36. Farmer and Forager Interactions in Southeast Asia
Laura Lee Junker, Larissa M. Smith

37. Cultural Interactions in Mainland and Island Southeast Asia and Beyond, 2000 BC-AD 200
Hsiao-chun Hung

38. Island Southeast Asia and Oceania Interactions
Glenn R. Summerhayes

Part VI. The Transition to History

39. Archaeology of Early-Modern Japan: Food, Rituals, and Taboos
Jun’ya Sakurai

40. The Historical Ecology of Colonialism and Violence in Hokkaido, Sakhalin, and the Kuril Islands, AD 1200–1900
Mark James Hudson

41. The Archaeology of Mongolia’s Early States
Byambaa Gunchinsuren

42. Origins of Ethnolinguistic Identity in Southeast Asia

Roger M Blench

Keywords: Social Sciences, Archaeology, Anthropology, Cultural Heritage

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