Greenfield, Jeffrey P.

Common Neurosurgical Conditions in the Pediatric Practice

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Table of contents

Part I. Development of the Brain and Spine

1. Normal Development of the Skull and Brain
Waleed A. Azab

2. The Neurologic Exam in Neonates and Toddlers
Alison S. May, Sotirios T. Keros

Part II. Newborn Through Infancy

3. Birth Trauma to the Scalp and Skull
Babacar Cisse, Ibrahim Hussain, Jeffrey P. Greenfield, Jeffrey P. Greenfield

4. Brachial Plexus Injuries During Birth
Peter F. Morgenstern

5. Neonatal Brain Injury
Anil Sindhurakar, Jason B. Carmel

6. Evaluation of Head Shape in the Pediatric Practice: Plagiocephaly vs. Craniosynostosis
Charlotte A. Beam, G. Rene Alvarez Berastegui, Jeffrey P. Greenfield

7. Neurocutaneous Disorders
Kaleb H. Yohay, Matthew McCarthy

8. Cutaneous Markers of Spinal Dysraphism
Assem M. Abdel-Latif

9. Tethered Cord
María Teresa Alvarado Torres

10. Lumps and Bumps: Scalp and Skull Lesions
Nelson Moussazadeh, Matei A. Banu

Part III. Hydrocephalus Primer

11. Intraventricular Hemorrhage in the Premature Infant
Jeffrey M. Perlman

12. Neuro-Ophthalmic Presentation of Neurosurgical Disease in Children
Dara M. West, Marc Dinkin

13. Hydrocephalus and Ventriculomegaly
Assem M. Abdel-Latif, Jeffrey P. Greenfield

14. Neurosurgical Considerations in Macrocephaly
Imithri D. Bodhinayake, Heather J. McCrea

15. Evaluation and Classification of Pediatric Headache
Zuhal Ergonul

Part IV. Imaging of the Pediatric Brain and Spine

16. Imaging of the Fetal Brain and Spine
Soniya N. Pinto, Stephen T. Chasen, Linda A. Heier

17. Prenatal Counseling for Fetal Diagnoses
Stephen T. Chasen

18. Imaging of the Pediatric Brain
Hediyeh Baradaran, Apostolos John Tsiouris

19. Radiographic Evaluation of Suspected Scoliosis
Cathleen L. Raggio

20. Image Gently: Minimizing Radiation Exposure in Children
Linda A. Heier, Soniya N. Pinto

Part V. Beyond Hydrocephalus: What Pediatric Neurosurgeons Treat Most

21. Chiari Malformation
Konstantinos Margetis, Jeffrey P. Greenfield

22. Pediatric Brain Tumors
Vita Stagno, Assem M. Abdel-Latif

23. Pediatric Neurovascular Disease
Benjamin I. Rapoport, Scott W. Connors, Caitlin E. Hoffman

24. Pediatric Seizures
Alison S. May, Juliann M. Paolicchi

25. Approach to Spasticity in the Pediatric Patient
Neil Haranhalli, Rick Abbott

26. Assessment and Management of Minor Head Injuries in Toddlers and Adolescents
David Kimball, Jeffrey P. Greenfield

27. Non-accidental Head Trauma
Lara M. Gordon

28. A Pediatrician’s Guide to Concussion Management
Kenneth R. Perrine, Emilie A. George, Katie Shayna Davis

29. Pathophysiology and Diagnosis of Concussion
Baxter B. Allen

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