Kalaitzandonakes, Nicholas

The Coexistence of Genetically Modified, Organic and Conventional Foods

Kalaitzandonakes, Nicholas - The Coexistence of Genetically Modified, Organic and Conventional Foods, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Introduction to the Issue of Coexistence
Nicholas Kalaitzandonakes, Peter W.B. Phillips, Stuart J. Smyth, Justus Wesseler

2. The Science of Gene Flow in Agriculture and Its Role in Coexistence
Allen Deynze, Kent J. Bradford, Henry Daniell, Joseph M. DiTomaso, Nicholas Kalaitzandonakes, Carol Mallory-Smith, C. Neal Stewart, Steven H. Strauss, Rene Acker

3. Developing Market Driven Standards for Coexistence: Tolerances, Thresholds, and Other Technical Standards Used by the Seed Industry
Michael Gumina

4. Economic and Legal Principles of Coexistence Policy in North America
Randal Giroux

5. Organic Label Rules and Market Tensions: The Challenge of Satisfying Buyers
Lynn Clarkson

6. Developing Solutions for Coexistence in the EU—Legal, Technical, and Economic Issues
Koen Dillen, Ivilin Rizov, Emilio Rodriguez-Cerezo

7. The Principle(s) of Co-existence in the Market for GMOs in Europe: Social, Economic and Legal Avenues
Kai Purnhagen, Justus Wesseler

8. Coexistence in Brazil
Marcus Vinícius Segurado Coelho

9. What Can We Learn About Coexistence from Commercial Non-GM Programs in the US?
Nicholas Kalaitzandonakes, Alexandre Magnier

10. Lessons from the Legal Cases of GM Alfalfa and Sugar Beet Deregulation in the United States
Nancy Bryson

11. Organic Versus GM Agriculture in the Courtroom in Australia and the USA
Michael Blakeney

12. Coexistence—Under-Explored Facets for a USDA Policy
Drew L. Kershen

13. The “Honey” Judgment of Bablok and Others Versus Freistaat Bayern in the Court of Justice of the European Union: Implications for Co-existence
Kai Purnhagen, Justus Wesseler

14. The Canadian and European Union Impacts from the Detection of GM Flax
Teresa Babuscio, William Hill, Camille D. Ryan, Stuart J. Smyth

15. Consequences of Adventitious Presence of Non-approved GMOS in Seeds: The Case of Maize Seeds in Germany
Philipp Wree, Justus Wesseler

16. Commercialization Strategies and Market Opportunities for GM Canola
Stuart J. Smyth, Peter W. B. Phillips

17. Regulatory Lags for Genetically Modified Crops: Legal and Political Perspectives
Martin Phillipson, Stuart J. Smyth

18. Regulatory Approval Asynchrony, LLP, and Implications for Biotech R&D and Innovation
Eric Sachs

19. The Economic Impacts of Regulatory Delays: The Case of HT Soybeans
Nicholas Kalaitzandonakes, Kenneth Zahringer, John Kruse

20. Potential Economic Impacts of Low Level Presence (LLP) in the Global Wheat Market
William W. Wilson, Bruce Dahl

21. Potential Economic Impacts of Asynchronous Approvals of Biotech Crops on South Korea
Nicholas Kalaitzandonakes, James Kaufman, Sanghan Yea, Kenneth Zahringer

22. Low Level Presence and Asynchronous Authorizations of Genetically Modified Products in China
Jikun Huang, Jun Yang

23. Asynchronous Approvals and the Low Level Presence of Unapproved GM Products in Imports: How “Tolerant” Should Small Countries Be?
Guillaume P. Gruère

24. Low Level Presence Under the WTO
William A. Kerr

25. Forging the Future of LLP: Building an International Coalition and Developing a National LLP Policy
Janice Tranberg, Sarah Lukie

26. Market Solutions to Coexistence and Regulatory Asynchrony
Peter W. B. Phillips

27. Coexistence of Genetically Modified, Conventional, and Organic Food Products: A Framework and Analysis
Konstantinos Giannakas

28. The Cost of a GMO-Free Market Basket of Food in the US
Barry K. Goodwin, Michele Marra, Nicholas Piggott

29. Lessons from EU Voluntary Labeling Schemes for GM-Free Processed Food Products
Thomas J. Venus, Nicholas Kalaitzandonakes, Justus Wesseler

30. Welfare and Co-existence
David Zilberman, Justus Wesseler

31. GM Maize in Mexico: The Challenge of Coexistence in a Centre of Origin
Peter W. B. Phillips

32. Conclusions and Synthesis
Nicholas Kalaitzandonakes, Peter W.B. Phillips, Stuart J. Smyth

Keywords: Economics, Agricultural Economics, Environmental Economics, Environmental Management

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Natural Resource Management and Policy
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12 pages
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