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Handbook of Mindfulness in Education

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Table of contents

Part I. Mindfulness in Education: Historical, Contemplative, Scientific, and Educational Foundations

1. Mindfulness in Education: Introduction and Overview of the Handbook
Kimberly A. Schonert-Reichl, Robert W. Roeser

2. Contemplation in Education
Arthur Zajonc

3. What Is Mindfulness? A Contemplative Perspective
Shinzen Young

4. Internal Education and the Roots of Resilience: Relationships and Reflection as the New R’s of Education
Daniel J. Siegel, Madeleine W. Siegel, Suzanne C. Parker

5. Mindfulness and Social Emotional Learning (SEL): A Conceptual Framework
Molly Stewart Lawlor

Part II. Mindfulness in Education: Science and Applications with Educators

6. Mindfulness Training for Teachers
Shauna Shapiro, Daniel Rechtschaffen, Sarah Sousa

7. Mindfulness and Teachers’ Coping in the Classroom: A Developmental Model of Teacher Stress, Coping, and Everyday Resilience
Ellen Skinner, Jeffry Beers

8. Cultivating Inner Resilience in Educators and Students: The Inner Resilience Program
Linda Lantieri, Madhavi Nambiar, Susanne Harnett, Eden Nagler Kyse

9. CARE for Teachers: A Mindfulness-Based Approach to Promoting Teachers’ Social and Emotional Competence and Well-Being
Patricia A. Jennings

10. Processes of Teaching, Learning, and Transfer in Mindfulness-Based Interventions (MBIs) for Teachers: A Contemplative Educational Perspective
Robert W. Roeser

11. Mindfulness Activities and Interventions that Support Special Populations
Veronica Smith, Michaela Jelen

12. Preparing Teacher Candidates for the Present: Investigating the Value of Mindfulness-Training in Teacher Education
Geoffrey B. Soloway

13. Embodied Presence: Contemplative Teacher Education
Richard C. Brown, Genét Simone, Lee Worley

14. On Attentive Love in Education: The Case of Courage to Teach
Daniel P. Liston

15. Mindfulness and Organizational Change
Rona Wilensky

16. Mindful School Leadership: Guidance from Eastern Philosophy on Organizing Schools for Student Success
Gordon S. Gates, Barbara Gilbert

Part III. Mindfulness in Education: Science and Applications with Students

17. Mindfulness Matters in the Classroom: The Effects of Mindfulness Training on Brain Development and Behavior in Children and Adolescents
Kristen E. Lyons, Jennifer DeLange

18. Promoting Caring: Mindfulness- and Compassion-Based Contemplative Training for Educators and Students
Brooke D. Lavelle Heineberg

19. Mindfulness Training to Promote Self-Regulation in Youth: Effects of the Inner Kids Program
Brian M. Galla, Susan Kaiser-Greenland, David S. Black

20. A Mindfulness-Based Social and Emotional Learning Curriculum for School-Aged Children: The MindUP Program
Jacqueline E. Maloney, Molly Stewart Lawlor, Kimberly A. Schonert-Reichl, Jenna Whitehead

21. Two Universal Mindfulness Education Programs for Elementary and Middle-School Students: Master Mind and Moment
Alison E. Parker, Janis B. Kupersmidt

22. Working on the Inside: Mindfulness for Adolescents
Patricia C. Broderick, Stacie M. Metz

Keywords: Psychology, Child and School Psychology, Educational Psychology, Psychiatry, Complementary & Alternative Medicine, Psychotherapy and Counseling, Social Work

Publication year
1st ed. 2016
Mindfulness in Behavioral Health
Page amount
27 pages
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