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Military Geosciences and Desert Warfare

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Table of contents

Part I. Geoscience and Military History

1. An Unfortunate Accident of Geography: Badlands and the ANZAC Sector, Gallipoli, April–December 1915
Peter Doyle

2. From Army Outpost to Military Training Installations for Worldwide Operations: How WWII Transformed the Military Presence in the Southwestern United States
Donald E. Sabol, Eric V. McDonald

3. Preparing for War in the Desert Southwest; From the California—Arizona Maneuver Area to the Yuma Test Branch (and Beyond)
William J. Heidner

4. The Influence of Physical Geography on the Battle of Kasserine Pass, Tunisia 1943
Daniel A. Gilewitch, Jay D. Pellerin

5. The Influence of Geology and Geography on the Indian Wars in Eastern Washington Territory
Stephen W. Henderson, Michael M. Hamilton

6. Teaching Military Geoscience in the Twenty-first Century Classroom: Virtual Field Explorations of the Gettysburg Battlefield
W. Lee Beatty, Candace L. Kairies-Beatty

7. Fort Fisher, NC Past and Present: A Geospatial Analysis using LiDAR and GIS
Michael J. Starek, Russell S. Harmon, Helena Mitasova

Part II. Military and Defense Interests and the Environment

8. There’s Uranium in Them Hills: The Archaeology of Nevada’s Uranium Boom
Jonah S. Blustain

9. Military Development and Geographic Change on San Diego Bay
Andy Yatsko

10. High Density Metal Contaminant Transport in Arid Region Ephemeral Channels
Julianne J. Miller, David S. Shafer, Charalambos Papelis, Craig A. Refosco, Nathan A. Krzyaniak

11. Comparing Playa Inundation Estimates from Landsat and LiDAR Data to a Doppler Radar-Based Hydrologic Model
Mary E. Cablk, Julianne J. Miller, Steve A. Mizell

12. Environmental Security and Trans-Boundary Water Resources
Francis A. Galgano

13. Environmental Reporting in the South African Department of Defense and Military Veterans
H. A. P. Smit, T. J. Mokiri

14. Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) and the Use of Forwarding Operating Bases (FOBs)
Eugene J. Palka

15. U.S. Army Agriculture Development Teams, Afghanistan: The Role of the Geoscientist
Alexander K. Stewart

16. Regional Distribution of Salt-Rich Dust Across Southwest Asia Based on Predictive Soil-Geomorphic Mapping Techniques
Steven N. Bacon, Eric V. McDonald

Part III. Geoscience Technology in Support of Military Activities

17. Digital Elevation Models to Support Desert Warfare
Peter L. Guth

18. Military Test Site Characterization and Training Future Officers—An Integrated Terrain Analysis Approach
Steven Fleming, Eric V. McDonald, Steven N. Bacon

19. Use of Ground-Based LiDAR for Detection of IED Command Wires on Typical Desert Surfaces
Eric V. McDonald, Rina Schumer

20. Parent Material Mapping of Geologic Surfaces Using ASTER in Support of Integrated Terrain Forecasting for Military Operations
Donald E. Sabol, Timothy B. Minor, Eric V. McDonald, Steven N. Bacon

21. Analysis of Recurring Sinking Events of Armored Tracked Vehicles in the Israeli Agricultural Periphery of the Gaza Strip
Joel Roskin

22. Integrated Terrain Forecasting for Military Operations in Deserts: Geologic Basis for Rapid Predictive Mapping of Soils and Terrain Features
Eric V. McDonald, Steven N. Bacon, Scott D. Bassett, Rivka Amit, Yehouda Enzel, Timothy B. Minor, Ken McGwire, Onn Crouvi, Yoav Nahmias

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Historical Geology, Geotechnical Engineering & Applied Earth Sciences, Paleontology, Nuclear Energy, Water Policy/Water Governance/Water Management, Remote Sensing/Photogrammetry

Publication year
1st ed. 2016
Advances in Military Geosciences
Natural Sciences
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