Traboulsi, Elias

Practical Management of Pediatric Ocular Disorders and Strabismus

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Table of contents

Part I. The Pediatric Clinical Examination

1. Approach to Visual Acuity Assessment and Strabismus Evaluation of the Pediatric Patient
Cindy Pritchard, George S. Ellis

2. Sensorial Adaptations to Strabismus
Allison E. Babiuch

Part II. Refractive Errors

3. Management of Asymptomatic Hypermetropia in Infancy and Early Childhood
Virginia Miraldi Utz, Elias I. Traboulsi

4. Myopia
Timothy E. Hug

5. Management of Astigmatism in Children
Jason Lee, Daniele P. Saltarelli

6. Pediatric Contact Lenses for Medical Indications
Daniele P. Saltarelli, Heather L. Cimino, Virginia Miraldi Utz

7. Pediatric Refractive Surgery
Erin D. Stahl

Part III. Amblyopia

8. Practical Management of Amblyopia
Chrysavgi Adamopoulou, Virginia Miraldi Utz, Fatema F. Ghasia, Michelle M. Ariss

Part IV. Cornea/Anterior Segment

9. Diagnosis and Management of Conjunctivitis in Infancy and Childhood
Alison E. Smith, Michelle M. Ariss

10. Diagnosis and Management of Corneal Ulcers in Pediatric Patients
Patricia Ann Ple-plakon, Christopher Thomas Hood

11. Pediatric Herpes Virus Anterior Segment Infections
Aaron R. Kaufman, Adam H. Kaufman

12. The Anesthetic Cornea and Exposure Keratopathy in Infants and Children
Viral Juthani, William J. Dupps

13. Peters Anomaly
Charline S. Boente, Faruk H. Örge

14. Anterior Segment Dysgenesis Syndromes
Charline S. Boente, Faruk H. Örge

15. Management of the Patient with Hyphema
Sarah B. Wierda, Michelle M. Ariss

16. Management of Chemical Ocular Injuries in Pediatric Patients
Christine Shieh, Terry Kim

17. Anterior Segment Trauma (Non-chemical)
Michael Eric Gray

Part V. Lens/Cataract

18. Cataracts
Laura L. Hanson, Virginia Miraldi Utz

19. Management of Infantile and Childhood Cataracts
Courtney L. Kraus, Rupal H. Trivedi, Brita S. Deacon, M. Edward Wilson

20. Persistence of the Fetal Vasculature: Varieties and Management
Priyanka Kumar, Elias I. Traboulsi

21. Evaluation and Management of the Patient with Subluxated Lenses
Elias I. Traboulsi

Part VI. Uveitis

22. Uveitis Associated with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis
Francesco Pichi, Paola Carrai, Careen Lowder

23. Noninfectious Intermediate and Posterior Uveitis
E. Mitchel Opremcak

24. Infectious Uveitis
Julia F. Malalis, Sarah M. Escott, Debra A. Goldstein

25. Pediatric Masquerade Uveitis
Francesco Pichi, Paolo Nucci, Paola Carrai, Careen Lowder

Part VII. Diagnostic Testing of the Posterior Segment

26. Retinal Imaging for Pediatric Patients
Robert Andrew Sisk, Brian G. Zamora

27. Use of Optical Coherence Tomography in the Eyes of Children
Jared E. Duncan, Sharon F. Freedman, Mays Antoine El-Dairi

28. Electroretinography in Pediatric Retinal Dystrophies
James Lin, Luz Amaro-Quireza, Stephen H. Tsang

Part VIII. Posterior Segment Disorders

29. Retinopathy of Prematurity
Michael B. Yang

30. Management of Pediatric Posterior Segment Trauma in Children
Nathanial Clarks Sears, Jonathan Eliot Sears

31. Non-accidental Trauma: Abusive Head Trauma
Sonia B. Dhoot, Jennifer B. Pierce, Mary E. Moffatt, Michelle M. Ariss

32. Screening for Vigabatrin (Sabril®) Retinal Toxicity in Children
Scott E. Brodie

Part IX. Inherited Disorders

33. Genetic Counseling and Testing
Meghan J. Marino, Elias I. Traboulsi

34. Retinal Dystrophies: Clinical Work-Up and Selected Examples
Melanie A. Schmitt, Elias I. Traboulsi

35. Inherited Vascular Disorders
Johane Robitaille

36. The Phakomatoses
Virginia Miraldi Utz, Elias I. Traboulsi

37. Retinoblastoma
Carlos A. Medina, Priyanka Kumar, Arun D. Singh

Part X. Optic Nerve Disorders

38. Optic Nerve Malformations
Palak B. Wall, Elias I. Traboulsi

39. Evaluation and Management of Optic Pathway Gliomas
Gena Heidary

40. Pediatric Pseudotumor Cerebri Syndrome
Claire A. Sheldon, Grace L. Paley, Christina Szperka, Shana E. McCormack, Grant T. Liu

41. Optic Neuritis in Children
Mays Antoine El-Dairi, M. Tariq Bhatti

42. Childhood Glaucoma
Eniolami O. Dosunmu, Sharon F. Freedman

43. Aphakic/Pseudophakic Glaucoma
Eniolami O. Dosunmu, Sharon F. Freedman

44. Diagnosis and Management of Juvenile Open-Angle Glaucoma
Allison E. Babiuch, Yasmin S. Bradfield

Part XI. Strabismus, Neuro-paralytic Disorders

45. Diagnosis and Management of Infantile Esotropia
Christopher Gappy

46. Diagnostic Challenges in Acquired Non-accommodative Esotropia
G. Robert LaRoche

47. Management of Accommodative Esotropia
Monte A. Monte

48. Sixth Nerve Palsy in Children
Scott E. Olitsky, Timothy P. Lindquist

49. Diagnosis and Management of Fourth Nerve Palsy in Children
Cajal K. Patel, Reecha S. Bahl

50. Cranial Nerve III Palsy in Children
Kathryn P. Winkler, Reecha S. Bahl

51. Management of Exotropia in Childhood
Andreas Marcotty, Virginia Miraldi Utz

52. Duane Retraction Syndrome
Ashley Abraham, Elias I. Traboulsi, Michelle M. Ariss

53. Management of Strabismus in Thyroid Eye Disease
Elias I. Traboulsi, Natalie C. Kerr

54. A- and V-Pattern Strabismus
Steffany M. Straight, Reecha S. Bahl

55. Congenital Cranial Dysinnervation Disorders
Emin Cumhur Sener, Maria Choudhary, Hande Taylan Şekeroğlu

56. Differential Diagnosis and Management of Hyperdeviations: Non-4th Nerve Palsy—Dissociated Vertical Deviations and Skew Deviations
Jessica J. Kovarik, James D. Bowsher, Derek T. Sprunger

57. Approaches to Strabismus Reoperation
Marina A. Eisenberg, Monte A. Monte

58. Brown Syndrome
Mohamad S. Jaafar

59. Acute Strabismus
Emily Broxterman, Michelle M. Ariss

60. Complications of Strabismus Surgery
Oriel Spierer, Kara M. Cavuoto, Craig A. McKeown

Part XII. Eyelid, Orbit and Lacrimal Disorders

61. Nasolacrimal Duct Obstruction
Andreas Marcotty

62. Management of Blepharoptosis in Infancy and Childhood
Forrest J. Ellis

63. Preseptal and Orbital Cellulitis
Rachel E. Reem

64. Current Management of Inferior Orbital Wall Fractures in Children
Bryan R. Costin, Julian D. Perry

65. Noninfectious Causes of Proptosis in Children
Hassan A. Aziz, Rao Chundury, Julian D. Perry, Arun D. Singh

66. Craniosynostosis and Congenital Craniofacial Disorders
Daniel Straka, Sandy Zhang-Nunes, Cameron Nabavi, Jill Foster

67. Supplement: Special Considerations in the Management of Amblyopia and Strabismus in Craniofacial Disorders
Rachel E. Reem, Mary Lou McGregor

Part XIII. Patients with Special Needs

68. Management of Vision Impairment in Children
Kelly Lusk, Terry L. Schwartz

69. Down Syndrome
W. Walker Motley

Part XIV. Nystagmus

70. Nystagmus in Pediatric Age Group: Clinical Features and Management
Fatema F. Ghasia

Part XV. Non-organic Vision Loss

71. Nonorganic Vision Loss in Children
Lileth Mondok, Elias I. Traboulsi

Part XVI. Retinoscopic Techniques

72. Basic Retinoscopy
Gonzalo Vike Vicente

73. Dynamic Retinoscopy
Gonzalo Vike Vicente

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