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SFPE Handbook of Fire Protection Engineering

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Table of contents

1. Introduction to Fluid Mechanics
Bart Merci

2. Conduction of Heat in Solids
Ofodike A. Ezekoye

3. Convection Heat Transfer
Arvind Atreya

4. Radiation Heat Transfer
C. Lautenberger, C. L. Tien, K. Y. Lee, A. J. Stretton

5. Thermochemistry
D. D. Drysdale

6. Chemical Equilibrium
Raymond Friedman

7. Thermal Decomposition of Polymeric Materials
Artur Witkowski, Anna A. Stec, T. Richard Hull

8. Structural Mechanics
Luke A. Bisby

9. Properties of Building Materials
V. K. R. Kodur, T. Z. Harmathy

10. Chemical Kinetics and Fire
Gregory T. Linteris, John F. Griffiths

11. Diffusion Flames
Ali S. Rangwala

12. Fundamentals of Premixed Flames
Grunde Jomaas

13. Fire Plumes, Flame Height, and Air Entrainment
Gunnar Heskestad

14. Ceiling Jet Flows
Ronald L. Alpert

15. Vent Flows
Takeyoshi Tanaka

16. Effect of Combustion Conditions on Species Production
Daniel T. Gottuk, Brian Y. Lattimer

17. Flammability Limits of Premixed and Diffusion Flames
Craig Beyler

18. Ignition of Liquids
D. D. Drysdale

19. Smoldering Combustion
Guillermo Rein

20. Spontaneous Combustion and Self-Heating
Brian F. Gray

21. Flaming Ignition of Solid Fuels
José Torero

22. Electrical Fires
Vytenis Babrauskas

23. Surface Flame Spread
Yuji Hasemi

24. Smoke Characterization and Damage Potentials
Jeffrey S. Newman, Geary G. Yee, Paul Su

25. Heat Transfer from Fires to Surfaces
Brian Y. Lattimer

26. Heat Release Rates
Vytenis Babrauskas

27. Calorimetry
Marc Janssens

28. The Cone Calorimeter
Vytenis Babrauskas

29. Compartment Fire Modeling
James G. Quintiere, Colleen A. Wade

30. Estimating Temperatures in Compartment Fires
William D. Walton, Philip H. Thomas, Yoshifumi Ohmiya

31. Zone Computer Fire Models for Enclosures
William D. Walton, Douglas J. Carpenter, Christopher B. Wood

32. Modeling Fires Using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
Kevin McGrattan, Stewart Miles

33. Enclosure Smoke Filling and Fire-Generated Environmental Conditions
Frederick W. Mowrer

34. Methods for Predicting Temperatures in Fire-Exposed Structures
Ulf Wickström

35. Fire Load Density
Mario Fontana, Jochen Kohler, Katharina Fischer, Gianluca Sanctis

36. Combustion Characteristics of Materials and Generation of Fire Products
Mohammed M. Khan, Archibald Tewarson, Marcos Chaos

37. Performance-Based Design
Morgan J. Hurley, Eric R. Rosenbaum

38. Fire Scenarios
George V. Hadjisophocleous, Jim R. Mehaffey

39. Engineering Considerations for Fire Protection System Selection
Milosh Puchovsky, Craig Hofmeister

40. Design of Detection Systems
Robert P. Schifiliti, Richard L. P. Custer, Brian J. Meacham

41. Hydraulics
Kenneth E. Isman

42. Automatic Sprinkler System Calculations
Russell P. Fleming

43. Halon Design Calculations
Casey C. Grant

44. Clean Agent Total Flooding Fire Extinguishing Systems
Philip J. DiNenno, Eric W. Forssell

45. Carbon Dioxide Systems
Jeff Harrington, Joseph A. Senecal

46. Water Mist Fire Suppression Systems
Jack R. Mawhinney, Gerard G. Back

47. Foam Agents and AFFF System Design Considerations
Joseph L. Scheffey

48. Foam System Calculations
Hamid R. Bahadori

49. Considerations for Coordinating and Interfacing Fire Protection and Life Safety Systems
David Jacoby, David LeBlanc, Jeffrey Tubbs, Andrew Woodward

50. Smoke Control
John H. Klote

51. Smoke Control by Mechanical Exhaust or Natural Venting
James A. Milke

52. Structural Fire Engineering of Building Assemblies and Frames
Jean-Marc Franssen, Nestor Iwankiw

53. Analytical Methods for Determining Fire Resistance of Steel Members
James A. Milke

54. Analytical Methods for Determining Fire Resistance of Concrete Members
Charles Fleischmann, Andy Buchanan, Anthony Abu

55. Analytical Methods for Determining Fire Resistance of Timber Members
Robert H. White

56. Egress Concepts and Design Approaches
Richard W. Bukowski, Jeffrey S. Tubbs

57. Selecting Scenarios for Deterministic Fire Safety Engineering Analysis: Life Safety for Occupants
Daniel Nilsson, Rita Fahy

58. Human Behavior in Fire
Erica D. Kuligowski

59. Employing the Hydraulic Model in Assessing Emergency Movement
Steven M. V. Gwynne, Eric R. Rosenbaum

60. Computer Evacuation Models for Buildings
Erica D. Kuligowski

61. Visibility and Human Behavior in Fire Smoke
Tokiyoshi Yamada, Yuki Akizuki

62. Combustion Toxicity
David A. Purser

63. Assessment of Hazards to Occupants from Smoke, Toxic Gases, and Heat
David A. Purser, Jamie L. McAllister

64. Engineering Data
S. M. V. Gwynne, K. E. Boyce

65. Liquid Fuel Fires
D. T. Gottuk, D. A. White

66. Fire Hazard Calculations for Large, Open Hydrocarbon Fires
Craig L. Beyler

67. Vapor Clouds
Nicolas F. Ponchaut, Francesco Colella, Kevin C. Marr

68. Effects of Thermal Radiation on People: Predicting 1st and 2nd Degree Skin Burns
Christopher J. Wieczorek, Nicholas A. Dembsey

69. Flammable Gas and Vapor Explosions
Robert Zalosh

70. Dust Explosions
Robert Zalosh

71. BLEVES and Fireballs
Alfonso Ibarreta, Hubert Biteau, Jason Sutula

72. Introduction to Fire Risk Analysis
John M. Watts, John R. Hall

73. Probability and Statistics
John R. Hall, Francisco Joglar

74. Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability
Francisco Joglar

75. Building Fire Risk Analysis
Brian J. Meacham, David Charters, Peter Johnson, Matthew Salisbury

76. Uncertainty
Kathy A. Notarianni, Gareth W. Parry

77. Decision Analysis
H. A. Donegan

78. Data for Engineering Analysis
Marty Ahrens, John R. Hall

79. Measuring Consequences in Economic Terms
G. Ramachandran, John R. Hall

80. Computer Simulation for Fire Risk Analysis
William G. B. Phillips, Rita F. Fahy, Douglas K. Beller

81. Engineering Economics
John M. Watts, Robert E. Chapman

82. Fire Risk Indexing
John M. Watts

83. Risk-Informed Industrial Fire Protection Engineering
Thomas F. Barry

84. Product Fire Risk Analysis
John R. Hall

85. Health Care Application of Quantitative Fire Risk Analysis
Håkan Frantzich

86. The Building Envelope: Fire Spread, Construction Features and Loss Examples
Daniel J. O’Connor

87. Wildland Fires
Albert Simeoni

88. Fires in Vehicle Tunnels
Ricky Carvel, Haukur Ingason

89. Fire Risk Analysis for Nuclear Power Plants
Nathan O. Siu, Nicholas Melly, Steven P. Nowlen, Mardy Kazarians

90. Fire Risk in Mass Transportation
Armin Wolski, Jarrod Alston

Keywords: Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Safety in Chemistry, Dangerous Goods, Materials Science, general, Engineering Thermodynamics, Heat and Mass Transfer, Industrial and Organizational Psychology

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