Cherry, Andrew L.

International Handbook of Adolescent Pregnancy

Cherry, Andrew L. - International Handbook of Adolescent Pregnancy, ebook


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Table of contents

1. An International Perspective on Adolescent Pregnancy
Mary E. Dillon, Andrew L. Cherry

2. Biological Determinants and Influences Affecting Adolescent Pregnancy
Andrew L. Cherry

3. Adolescent Pregnancy: Sexual and Reproductive Health
Valentina Baltag, Venkatraman Chandra-Mouli

4. Adolescent Pregnancy and Mental Health
Mary E. Dillon

5. Pregnancy, Marriage, and Fatherhood in Adolescents: A Critical Review of the Literature
Jorge Lyra, Benedito Medrado

6. Adolescent Pregnancy: A Feminist Issue
Catriona Macleod

7. Teenage Pregnancy as a Social Problem: A Comparison of Sweden and the United States
Annulla Linders, Cynthia Bogard

8. Adolescent Pregnancy Among Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Teens
Elizabeth M. Saewyc

9. Teenage Pregnancy in Argentina: A Reality
María Fabiana Reina, Camil Castelo-Branco

10. Adolescent Pregnancy in Australia
Lucy N. Lewis, S. Rachel Skinner

11. Adolescent Pregnancy in Canada: Multicultural Considerations, Regional Differences, and the Legacy of Liberalization
Anne Nordberg, Jorge Delva, Pilar Horner

12. Adolescent Pregnancy in Chile: A Social, Cultural, and Political Analysis
Jorge Delva, Pilar S. Horner, Ninive Sanchez

13. Adolescent Pregnancy in Colombia: The Price of Inequality and Political Conflict
Mónica M. Alzate

14. Adolescent Pregnancy in Costa Rica
Susy Villegas

15. Adolescent Pregnancy in Eastern Europe
Douglas Rugh

16. Adolescent Pregnancy in France
Mireille Le Guen, Nathalie Bajos

17. Adolescent Pregnancy and Parenthood in Germany
Martin Pinquart, Jens P. Pfeiffer

18. Adolescent Girls and Health in India
Vijayan K. Pillai, Rashmi Gupta

19. Sociocultural Context of Adolescent Pregnancy, Sexual Relationships in Indonesia, and Their Implications for Public Health Policies
Zahroh Shaluhiyah, Nicholas J. Ford

20. An Iraqi-Specific Perspective on Adolescent Pregnancy
Abdul Kareem Al-Obaidi, Linda R. Jeffrey, Demah Al-Obaidi, Abdulla Al-Obaidi

21. Adolescent Pregnancy in Ireland (Eire): Medical, Psychosocial, and Public Health Responses
Mary E. Dillon

22. Adolescent Heath, Public Health Responses, and Sex Education Program in Japan
Miyuki Nagamatsu, Kiyoko Yano, Takeshi Sato

23. Adolescent Pregnancy in Mexico
Erica Quick

24. Adolescent Pregnancy in the Netherlands
C. Picavet, W. Berlo, S. Tonnon

25. Adolescent Pregnancy in Nicaragua: Trends, Policies, and Practices
Wendy Campbell, Amy Elizabeth Jenkins

26. Adolescent Pregnancy in Nigeria
Showa Obmabegho, Andrew L. Cherry

27. Adolescent Pregnancy in the Philippines
Laurie Serquina-Ramiro

28. Adolescent Pregnancy in Portugal
Neuza Mendes, Camil Castelo-Branco

29. Adolescent Pregnancy in Russia
Lisa Gulya

30. Pregnancy Among Young Women in South Africa
Catriona Macleod, Tiffany Tracey

31. Silent Cry: Adolescent Pregnancy in South Korea
Jinseok Kim

32. Teenage Pregnancy in Spain
María Jesús Cancelo, Iris Soveral Rodrigues, Camil Castelo-Branco

33. Adolescent Pregnancy in Sweden
Annulla Linders

34. Adolescent Pregnancy in Switzerland
Françoise Narring, Michal Yaron

35. Adolescent Pregnancy in Turkey
Emel Ege, Belgin Akin, Deniz Koçoğlu

36. Adolescent Pregnancy in Uganda
Ann-Maree Nobelius

37. Adolescent Pregnancy in the United Kingdom
Rosalind Reilly, Shantini Paranjothy, David L. Fone

38. Adolescent Pregnancy in the United States
Sarah Kye Price, Dalia El-Khoury, Sundonia Wonnum

39. Vietnam: The Doi Moi Era and Changes in Young People’s Lives
Bich Thuy Phan, de Maria Bruyn, Thi Thu Huong Tran

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Maternal and Child Health, Social Work, Child and School Psychology

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Medicine, Health Care, Mode

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