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Traditional Foods

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Table of contents

Part I. General Aspects of Traditional Foods

1. European Consumers’ Definition and Perception of Traditional Foods
Wim Verbeke, Luis Guerrero, Valerie Lengard Almli, Filiep Vanhonacker, Margrethe Hersleth

2. Consumer’s Valuation and Quality Perception of Kid’s Meat from Traditional “Cabrito da Gralheira”: Protected Geographical Indication
António Lopes Ribeiro, Ana Pinto Moura, Luís Miguel Cunha

3. Traditional Fermented Foods in Thailand
Busaba Yongsmith, Wanna Malaphan

4. Traditional Food in Romania Integrated in a Protected Geographical Designations System
Gabriela Nedita, Nastasia Belc, Lucia Romanescu, Roxana Cristina Gradinariu

5. Traditional Foods in Slovakia
Jan Brindza, Dezider Toth, Radovan Ostrovsky, Lucia Kucelova

6. Traditional Foods in Turkey: General and Consumer Aspects
Semih Ötleş, Beraat Özçelik, Fahrettin Göğüş, Ferruh Erdoğdu

Part II. Traditional Dairy Products

7. Indian Traditional Fermented Dairy Products
Narender Raju Panjagari, Ram Ran Bijoy Singh, Ashish Kumar Singh

8. Traditional Bulgarian Dairy Food
Anna Aladjadjiyan, Ivanka Zheleva, Yordanka Kartalska

Dulce de Leche: Technology, Quality, and Consumer Aspects of the Traditional Milk Caramel of South America
María Cecilia Penci, María Andrea Marín

Part III. Traditional Cereal Based Products

10. Austrian Dumplings
Josefa Friedel, Helmut Glattes, Gerhard Schleining

11. French Bread Baking
Alain Sommier, Yannick Anguy, Imen Douiri, Elisabeth Dumoulin

12. Traditional Rye Sourdough Bread in the Baltic Region
Grazina Juodeikiene

13. The Legume Grains: When Tradition Goes Hand in Hand with Nutrition
Marta Wilton Vasconcelos, Ana Maria Gomes

14. Traditional Food Products from Prosopis sp. Flour
Leonardo Pablo Sciammaro, Daniel Pablo Ribotta, Maria Cecilia Puppo

15. Amaranth: An Andean Crop with History, Its Feeding Reassessment in America
Myriam Villarreal, Laura Beatriz Iturriaga

Part IV. Traditional Meat and Fish Products

16. Yunnan Fermented Meat: Xuanwei Ham, Huotui
Huang Aixiang, Sarote Sirisansaneeyakul, Yusuf Chisti

17. Selected Viennese Meat Specialties
Elias Gmeiner, Helmut Glattes, Gerhard Schleining

18. Dried Norse Fish
Trude Wicklund, Odd Ivar Lekang

19. Utilization of Different Raw Materials from Sheep and Lamb in Norway
Trude Wicklund

Muxama and Estupeta: Traditional Food Products Obtained from Tuna Loins in South Portugal and Spain
Jaime Aníbal, Eduardo Esteves

21. Salting and Drying of Cod
Helena Oliveira, Maria Leonor Nunes, Paulo Vaz-Pires, Rui Costa

22. Brazilian Charqui Meats
Massami Shimokomaki, Carlos Eduardo Rocha Garcia, Mayka Reghiany Pedrão, Fabio Augusto Garcia Coró

Part V. Traditional Beverages

23. German Beer
Martin Zarnkow, Christopher McGreger, Nancy McGreger

24. “Pálinka”: Hungarian Distilled Fruit
Zsuzsanna László, Cecila Hodúr, József Csanádi

25. Tokaji Aszú: “The Wine of Kings, the King of Wines”
Cecilia Hodúr, József Csanádi, Zsuzsa László

26. Mead: The Oldest Alcoholic Beverage
Rajko Vidrih, Janez Hribar

27. Midus: A Traditional Lithuanian Mead
Rimantas Kublickas

28. Horchata
Idoia Codina, Antonio José Trujillo, Victoria Ferragut

Part VI. Traditional Deserts, Side Dishes and Oil

29. “Dobos”: A Super-cake from Hungary
Elisabeth T. Kovács

30. Traditional Green Table Olives from the South of Portugal
Maria Alves, Célia Quintas

31. Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Table Olives from Slovenian Istria
Milena Bučar-Miklavčič, Bojan Butinar, Vasilij Valenčič, Erika Bešter, Mojca Korošec, Terezija Golob, Sonja Smole Možina

32. A Perspective on Production and Quality of Argentinian Nut Oils
Marcela Lilian Martínez, Damián Modesto Maestri

Pupunha (Bactris gasipaes): General and Consumption Aspects
Carolina Vieira Bezerra, Luiza Helena Meller Silva

Keywords: Chemistry, Food Science, Food Microbiology, Nutrition

Publication year
1st ed. 2016
Integrating Food Science and Engineering Knowledge Into the Food Chain
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28 pages
Natural Sciences
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