Jackson, Wallace

Pro Java 9 Games Development

Jackson, Wallace - Pro Java 9 Games Development, ebook


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Table of contents

1. The Different Faces of Java: Create a Java 9 Development Workstation
Wallace Jackson

2. An Introduction to Content Creation: 2D New Media Asset Fundamentals
Wallace Jackson

3. Advanced 3D Content Rendering: 3D Asset Concepts and Principles
Wallace Jackson

4. An Introduction to Game Design: Game Design Concepts, Genres, Engines, and Techniques
Wallace Jackson

5. A Java Primer: Introduction to Java Concepts and Principles
Wallace Jackson

6. Setting Up Your Java 9 IDE: An Introduction to NetBeans 9
Wallace Jackson

7. Introduction to JavaFX 9: Overview of the JavaFX New Media Engine
Wallace Jackson

8. JavaFX 9 Scene Graph Hierarchy: A Foundation for Java 9 Game Design
Wallace Jackson

9. JavaFX 9 User Interface Design: The Front End for Java 9 Game Design
Wallace Jackson

10. User Interface Design Interactivity: Event Handling and Imaging Effects
Wallace Jackson

11. 3D Scene Configuration: Using the PerspectiveCamera and PointLight
Wallace Jackson

12. 3D Model Design and Primitives: Using JavaFX 9 Shape3D Classes
Wallace Jackson

13. 3D Model Shader Creation: Using the JavaFX 9 PhongMaterial Class
Wallace Jackson

14. 3D Model Hierarchy Creation: Using Primitives to Create a Game Board
Wallace Jackson

15. 3D Gameplay UI Creation: Using the Sphere Primitive to Create a UI Node
Wallace Jackson

16. 3D Game Animation Creation: Using the Animation Transition Classes
Wallace Jackson

17. i3D Game Square Selection: Using the PickResult Class with 3D Models
Wallace Jackson

18. 3D Gameplay Design: Creating Your Game Content Using GIMP and Java
Wallace Jackson

19. Game Content Engine: AI Logic with Random Content Selection Methods
Wallace Jackson

20. Coding Gameplay: Set Up Gameplay Methods and Animated Camera View
Wallace Jackson

21. Questions and Answers: Finishing the Setup Methods and Digital Audio
Wallace Jackson

22. Scoring Engine: Creating the Score UI Layout and Scoring the Content
Wallace Jackson

23. Completing the Gameplay Code and Player Proofing Your Event Handling
Wallace Jackson

24. Optimizing Game Assets and Code, and Game Profiling Using NetBeans
Wallace Jackson

Keywords: Computer Science, Game Development, Java

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