Rychtář, Jan

Topics from the 8th Annual UNCG Regional Mathematics and Statistics Conference

Rychtář, Jan - Topics from the 8th Annual UNCG Regional Mathematics and Statistics Conference, ebook


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Table of contents

1. CURM: Promoting Undergraduate Research in Mathematics
Michael Dorff

2. NCSU-CUSP: A Program Making a Difference in Quantitative Sciences
Sujit K. Ghosh

3. Quantitative Methods in Biomedical Applications: Creative Inquiry and Digital-Learning Environments to Engage and Mentor STEM Students in Mathematics (NSF Funded Research)
Taufiquar Khan, John Desjardins, Marylin Reba, Ellen Breazel, Irina Viktorova

4. Proving the “Proof”: Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Research Positively Impacts Students
M. L. Crowe, J. Rychtář, O. Rueppell, M. Chhetri, D. L. Remington, S. N. Gupta

5. Modeling Heat Explosion for a Viscoelastic Material
Irina Viktorova, Kyle Fairchild, Jeff Fischer

6. Soliton Solutions of a Variation of the Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation
Erin Middlemas, Jeff Knisley

7. Galois Groups of 2-Adic Fields of Degree 12 with Automorphism Group of Order 6 and 12
Chad Awtrey, Christopher R. Shill

8. Laplace Equations for Real Semisimple Associative Algebras of Dimension 2, 3 or 4.
James S. Cook, W. Spencer Leslie, Minh L. Nguyen, Bailu Zhang

9. Fibonacci and Lucas Identities via Graphs
Joe DeMaio, John Jacobson

10. More Zeros of the Derivatives of the Riemann Zeta Function on the Left Half Plane
Ricky Farr, Sebastian Pauli

11. Application of Object Tracking in Video Recordings to the Observation of Mice in the Wild
Matina Kalcounis-Rueppell, Thomas Parrish, Sebastian Pauli

12. The Card Collector Problem
Anda Gadidov, Michael Thomas

13. The Effect of Information on Payoff in Kleptoparasitic Interactions
Mark Broom, Jan Rychtář, David G. Sykes

14. A Field Test of Optional Unrelated Question Randomized Response Models: Estimates of Risky Sexual Behaviors
Tracy Spears Gill, Anna Tuck, Sat Gupta, Mary Crowe, Jennifer Figueroa

15. A Spatially Organized Population Model to Study the Evolution of Cooperation in Species with Discrete Life-History Stages
Caitlin Ross, Olav Rueppell, Jan Rychtář

16. Analysis of Datasets for Network Traffic Classification
Sweta Keshapagu, Shan Suthaharan

Keywords: Statistics, Statistical Theory and Methods, Statistics for Engineering, Physics, Computer Science, Chemistry and Earth Sciences, Statistics, general

Publication year
Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics
Natural Sciences

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