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Plants and BioEnergy

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Table of contents

Part I. Economics of Bioenergy

1. The Prospects of First Generation Ethanol in Developing Countries
Patricia Guardabassi, José Goldemberg

2. Can Energy Policy Drive Sustainable Land Use? Lessons from Biofuels Policy Development Over the Last Decade
Jeremy Woods, Nicole Kalas

3. Advanced Biofuels: Economic Uncertainties, Policy Options, and Land Use Impacts
Wallace E. Tyner, Farzad Taheripour

4. Algae Farming and Its Bio-Products
Gal Hochman, David Zilberman

Part II. Biomass Biology

5. Regional Gene Pools for Restoration, Conservation, and Genetic Improvement of Prairie Grasses
Andrew R. Jakubowski, Michael D. Casler

6. Mining Genetic Diversity of Sorghum as a Bioenergy Feedstock
Cynthia M. B. Damasceno, Robert E. Schaffert, Ismail Dweikat

7. Genetics, Genomics and Crop Modelling: Integrative Approaches to the Improvement of Biomass Willows
Angela Karp, Goetz M. Richter, Ian F. Shield, Steven J. Hanley

8. Camelina: An Emerging Oilseed Platform for Advanced Biofuels and Bio-Based Materials
Umidjon Iskandarov, Hae Jin Kim, Edgar B. Cahoon

9. Perspectives in Brazil of the Contribution of Palm Trees to Biodiesel Production
Janaina M. Meyer, Antonio Salatino

10. Xylan Biosynthesis in Plants, Simply Complex
Ahmed Faik, Nan Jiang, Michael A. Held

11. Towards Redesigning Cellulose Biosynthesis for Improved Bioenergy Feedstocks
Catherine Rayon, Anna T. Olek, Nicholas C. Carpita

Part III. Biomass Processing

12. Developing Novel Enzyme Repertoires for the Efficient Deconstruction of Plant Biomass Tailored for the Bioenergy Industry
Harry J. Gilbert

13. Using Natural Plant Cell Wall Degradation Mechanisms to Improve Second Generation Bioethanol
Adriana Grandis, Amanda P. Souza, Eveline Q. P. Tavares, Marcos S. Buckeridge

14. Linking Plant Biology and Pretreatment: Understanding the Structure and Organization of the Plant Cell Wall and Interactions with Cellulosic Biofuel Production
Rebecca Garlock Ong, Shishir P. S. Chundawat, David B. Hodge, Sai Keskar, Bruce E. Dale

15. Lignocellulosic Biorefineries: Concepts and Possibilities
Kenneth F. Reardon

16. Catalytic Dehydration of Lignocellulosic Derived Xylose to Furfural
Basudeb Saha, Nathan S. Mosier, Mahdi M. Abu-Omar

17. Catalytic Oxidation of Lignin for the Production of Low Molecular Weight Aromatics
Joseph J. Bozell

Keywords: Life Sciences, Plant Sciences, Plant Biochemistry, Plant Genetics & Genomics

Publication year
Advances in Plant Biology
Natural Sciences

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