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Proteases in Health and Disease

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Table of contents

Part I. Molecular and Biochemical Aspects of Proteases

1. An Overview of Endoplasmic Reticulum Calpain System
Krishna Samanta, Pulak Kar, Tapati Chakraborti, Sajal Chakraborti

2. Mitochondrial Calpains: Who, What, Where, When and Why?
James W. Geddes

3. Role of Calpains in Calmodulin Regulated Systems
Sreejit Parameswaran, Sujeet Kumar, Rajendra K. Sharma

4. Exercise and Matrix Metalloproteases in Health and Disease: A Brief Overview
Soni Shaikh, Animesh Chowdhury, Alok K. Banerjee, Jaganmay Sarkar, Sajal Chakraborti

5. Regulation of Chondrocyte Matrix Metalloproteinase Gene Expression
Charles J. Malemud

6. Microbial Source of Fibrinolytic Protease and Its Biotechnological Potential
Ratnakar R. Chitte

7. Aspartic Proteolytic Inhibitors Induce Cellular and Biochemical Alterations in Fungal Cells
André L. S. Santos, Lys A. Braga-Silva, Bianca A. Silva, Vanila F. Palmeira, Roberta S. Valle, Érika A. Abi-chacra, Vanessa S. Oliveira, Roberto D. Lins, Lucimar F. Kneipp, Cátia L. Sodré

8. Cysteine Proteases of Human Malaria Parasites
Kailash C. Pandey

9. Proteases as Virulence Factors in Leishmania: Focus on Serine Proteases as Possible Therapeutic Targets
Partha Das, MD Nur Alam, Tripti De, Tapati Chakraborti

10. An Updated Inventory on Properties, Pathophysiology and Therapeutic Potential of Snake Venom Thrombin-Like Proteases
Ashis K. Mukherjee

11. Macrocyclic Protease Inhibitors Constrained into a β-Strand Geometry
Ashok D. Pehere, Andrew D. Abell

Part II. Involvement of Proteases in Disease Processes

12. Regulation of MT1-MMP Activation and Its Relevance to Disease Processes
Soumitra Roy, Tapati Chakraborti, Animesh Chowdhury, Kuntal Dey, Sajal Chakraborti

13. Role of Proteases During Intra-erythrocytic Developmental Cycle of Human Malaria Parasite Plasmodium falciparum

Sumit Rathore, Shaifali Jain, MohD Asad, Gaurav Datta, Pawan Malhotra, Asif Mohmmed

14. Proteases in Vibrio cholerae and Their Role in Pathogenesis
Amit Pal, Sun Nyunt Wai

15. ADAMTS13: The von Willebrand Factor Cleaving Protease and Its Role in Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura
Surbhi Saini, Tal Schiller, Andrew Wu, Chava Kimchi-Sarfaty

16. Role of Proteases and Their Tissue Inhibitors in Pregnancy Outcome
Sudhir C. Roy

17. Matrix Metalloproteinases in Bone Health and Disease
Stav Simsa-Maziel, Dalit Sela-Donenfeld, Efrat Monsonego-Ornan

18. Escalated Expression of Matrix Metalloproteinases in Osteoarthritis
Srijita Dhar, Bimal K. Ray, Alpana Ray

19. Role of Proteases in Autism Spectrum Disorders
Dario Siniscalco, Nicola Antonucci

20. Role of Proteases in the Management of Hepatitis C Virus
Vaishali M. Patil, Neeraj Masand, Satya Prakash Gupta

21. Role of Proteases in Inflammatory Lung Diseases
Kaustav Chakraborty, Arindam Bhattacharyya

22. Involvement of Proteolytic Enzymes in Cardiac Dysfunction Due to Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury
Raja B. Singh, Vijayan Elimban, Davinder S. Jassal, Naranjan S. Dhalla

Keywords: Life Sciences, Biochemistry, general, Cell Biology, Cell Physiology, Proteomics

Publication year
Advances in Biochemistry in Health and Disease
Page amount
15 pages
Natural Sciences

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