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Health Care Utilization in Germany

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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction

1. Theorizing, Empiricizing, and Analyzing Health Care
Utilization in Germany: An Introduction
Christian Janssen, Enno Swart, Thomas Lengerke

Part II. Theory

2. Re-revisiting the Behavioral Model of Health Care Utilization by Andersen: A Review on Theoretical Advances and Perspectives
Thomas Lengerke, Daniela Gohl, Birgit Babitsch

3. Utilization of Medical Services in Germany—Outline of Statutory Health Insurance System (SHI)
Cornelia Bormann, Enno Swart

Part III. Methodology

4. The Problem of Repeated Surveys. How Comparable are their Results Regarding the Utilization of Medical Services?
Enno Swart, Stephanie Griehl

5. Health Care Utilization Research using Secondary Data
Enno Swart

6. Health Care Utilization: Insights from Qualitative Research
Birgit Babitsch, Claudia Berger, Bernhard Borgetto, Carmen-Cristina Ciupitu-Plath

Part IV. Results: Selected determinants

7. Gender and Utilization of Health Care
Birgit Babitsch, Cornelia Bormann, Daniela Gohl, Carmen Cristina Ciupitu-Plath

8. Socioeconomic Status and the Utilization of Health Services in Germany: A Systematic Review
Jens Klein, Kerstin Hofreuter-Gätgens, Olaf Knesebeck

9. Migration and Health Care Utilization in the European Context
Carmen Cristina Ciupitu-Plath, Daniela Gohl, Christopher Kofahl, Birgit Babitsch

10. How Do Socioeconomic Factors Influence the Amount and Intensity of Service Utilization by Family Caregivers of Elderly Dependents?
Daniel Lüdecke, Eva Mnich, Christopher Kofahl

Part V. Results: Selected Diseases

11. Health Services Utilization by Community-Dwelling Dementia Patients and Their Family Caregivers
Carolin Donath, Gudrun Ulbrecht, Hannes Grau, Elmar Graessel, Larissa Schwarzkopf, Petra Menn, Simone Kunz, Rolf Holle

12. Utilization of Primary Care Physicians by Obese Men and Women: Review for Germany and Results from the MONICA/KORA Cohorts S3/F3 and S4/F4
Thomas Lengerke, Petra Menn, Rolf Holle, Andreas Mielck, Christa Meisinger, Silke B. Wolfenstetter

13. Utilization of Physiotherapy by Patients with Rheumatic Diseases
Holm Thieme, Bernhard Borgetto

14. Participation in Self-Help Activities Among Patients with Rheumatic Diseases
Bernhard Borgetto, Holm Thieme

Part VI. Results: Selected Sectors of Care

15. Social Determinants of the Utilization of Psychotherapeutic Care in Germany
Mirjam Körner, Birte A. Maschke, Christian Janssen

16. Utilization of Prevention Services by Gender, Age, Socioeconomic Status, and Migration Status in Germany: An Overview and a Systematic Review
Christoph Kowalski, Julika Loss, Florian Kölsch, Christian Janssen

17. Utilization Dynamics of an Integrated Care System in Germany: Morbidity, Age, and Sex Distribution of Gesundes Kinzigtal Integrated Care’s Membership in 2006–2008
Achim Siegel, Ingrid Köster, Ingrid Schubert, Ulrich Stößel

Part VII. Extroduction

18. Health Care Utilization: A Concluding Note on Research Prospects
Thomas Lengerke, Christoph Kowalski, Enno Swart, Christian Janssen

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, Sociology, general, Health Economics, Health Psychology, Public Health

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