Living Donor Advocacy

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Table of contents

Part I. Living Donation

1. The Medical Selection of Live Donors
Christine Wu, Henkie P. Tan

2. Kidney Paired Donation Programs for Incompatible Living Kidney Donors and Recipients
Sommer E. Gentry, Ron Shapiro, Dorry L. Segev

3. Living Donor Liver Transplantation
Vikraman Gunabushanam, Abhideep Chaudhary, Abhinav Humar

4. Intestinal Transplantation from Living Donors
Massimiliano Tuveri, Salvatore Pisu, Luca Cicalese

5. Living Donor Lung Transplantation
Robbin G. Cohen, Mark L. Barr, Vaughn A. Starnes

6. Live Donor Pancreas Transplantation
Miguel Tan

Part II. Living Donor Advocacy

7. The History of Living Donor Advocacy in Living Donor Transplantation
Talia B. Baker, Helen G. Spicer

8. Findings from a National Survey of Living Donor Advocates
Jennifer L. Steel, Andrea Dunlavy, Maranda Friday, Mark Unruh, Chanelle Labash, Kendal Kingsley, Henkie P. Tan, Ron Shapiro, Abhinav Humar

9. The Independent Donor Advocate and the Independent Donor Advocate Team
Dianne LaPointe Rudow

10. Classification of Living Organ Donors
Andrew W. Webb

11. Unrelated Donors
Mary Amanda Dew, Ginger Boneysteele, Andrea F. DiMartini

12. Education of the Donor by the ILDA (Psychosocial Aspects)
Marjorie A. Clay

13. Components and Timing of the ILDA Evaluation
Kathleen Swartz

14. Contraindications to Living Donation from an ILDA Perspective
Rebecca Hays

15. Management of Conflict Between the Independent Living Donor Advocate and the Transplant Team
Roxanne M. Taylor

16. Story Behind the Story
Barbara L. Rutt

17. Living Donor Experience
Donna M. Kinzler

Part III. Living Donor Ethics

18. Informed Consent for Living Organ Donation
Frank Chessa

19. Pressure and Coercion
Cindy Koslowski Brown

20. Financial Considerations
Jami Hanneman

21. Autonomy, Agency, and Responsibility: Ethical Concerns for Living Donor Advocates
Rosamond Rhodes

22. A Practical Guide: Role of the Independent Living Donor Advocate: Protect or Advocate or Is it Both?
Betsy B. Johnson

23. Racial Disparities in Kidney Transplant and Living Donation
Tanjala S. Purnell, L. Ebony Boulware

24. The Evolution of the Role of the Independent Living Donor Advocate: Recommendations for Practice Guidelines
Jennifer L. Steel, Andrea C. Dunlavy, Maranda Friday, Kendal Kingsley, Deborah Brower, Mark Unruh, Henkie P. Tan, Ron Shapiro, Mel Peltz, Melissa Hardoby, Christina McCloskey, Mark L. Sturdevant, Abhinav Humar

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Transplant Surgery, Medicine/Public Health, general, Nephrology, Hepatology

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Medicine, Health Care, Mode

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