Dimitrova, Radosveta

Global Perspectives on Well-Being in Immigrant Families

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: Well-Being in Families in the Diaspora
Radosveta Dimitrova, Michael Bender, Fons J. R. van de Vijver

Part I. Family Relations, Acculturation and Well-being of Immigrant Children and Parents in North and Central America

2. Acculturation, Acculturative Stress, and Cultural Mismatch and Their Influences on Immigrant Children and Adolescents’ Well-Being
Lauren Rogers-Sirin, Patrice Ryce, Selcuk R. Sirin

3. Tridimensional (3D) Acculturation: Culture and Adaptation of Black Caribbean Immigrants in the USA
Gail M. Ferguson, Marc H. Bornstein

Part II. Parenting, Social Development, and Psychological Well-Being of Immigrant Children and Parents in Asia and Africa

4. Immigrant Children’s Schooling and Family Processes in Japan: Trends, Challenges, and Implications
Yoko Yamamoto

5. Rural-to-Urban Migrant Children’s Behaviors and Adaptation Within Migration Social Contexts in China
Bin-Bin Chen

6. Connectedness and Psychological Well-Being Among Adolescents of Immigrant Background in Kenya
Amina Abubakar, Fons J. R. Vijver, Lubna Mazrui, Margaret Murugami, Josephine Arasa

Part III. Attachment Patterns, Acculturation Orientations, and Well-Being of Immigrant Children and Parents in North and South Europe

7. The Importance of Religiosity and Cultural Maintenance for Self-Esteem: The Case of Second-Generation Turkish–Dutch Adolescents
Michael Bender, Iren Yeresyan

8. Ethnic-Racial Socialisation in the UK: The Use of Egalitarianism Parenting in Explaining Meanings of Race and Ethnicity in Non-Immigrant White and British South Asian Families
Humera Iqbal

9. Put in Context: Adolescents’ Experiences of and Reactions to Parental Peer Management
Ylva Svensson

10. Parental Linguistic Adjustment or Social Status: What is More Important for Sociolinguistic Adjustment in Migrant Children in Ireland?
Ela Polek, Margaret Coen

11. Civic and Political Engagement Among Ethnic Minority and Immigrant Youth
Dimitra Pachi, Martyn Barrett

12. Identity Management Strategies, Perceived Discrimination, and Well-Being Among Young Immigrants in Spain
Magdalena Bobowik, Nekane Basabe, Darío Páez

13. Contextual Influences on Subjective Well-Being of Young Ethnic Minority Russians in Estonia
Larissa Kus

14. Parent and Peer Attachment and Psychosocial Adjustment of Chinese Immigrant Adolescents in Italy
Fiorenzo Laghi, Susanna Pallini, Roberto Baiocco,, Radosveta Dimitrova

15. Well-Being of Immigrant Children and Their Parents: Evidence from Albanian and Serbian Families in Italy
Radosveta Dimitrova, Athanasios Chasiotis

16. Parenting Practices and Attachment as Predictors of Life Satisfaction of Mainstream Dutch and Moroccan-Dutch Adolescents
Itziar Alonso-Arbiol, Amina Abubakar, Fons J. R. Vijver

17. Immigrant Families in a Global Context: Challenges and Future Directions
David L. Sam

Keywords: Social Sciences, Family, Cross Cultural Psychology, Social Policy

Publication year
Advances in Immigrant Family Research
Page amount
17 pages

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