Roberts, Benjamin W.

Archaeometallurgy in Global Perspective

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Christopher P. Thornton, Benjamin W. Roberts

2. From Ores to Metals
David Killick

3. Metals
Michael R. Notis

4. Metallography and Microstructure of Metallic Artifacts
David A. Scott

5. The Investigation of Archaeometallurgical Slag
Andreas Hauptmann

6. Technical Ceramics
Marcos Martinón-Torres, Thilo Rehren

7. Methods of Mining Archaeology (Montanarchäologie)
Thomas R. Stöllner

8. Experimental Archaeometallurgy
Julia Heeb, Barbara S. Ottaway

9. Ethnoarchaeological and Historical Methods
Louise Iles, S. Terry Childs

10. Chemical and Isotopic Studies of Ancient Metals
A. Mark Pollard, Peter Bray

11. Provenance Determination of Archaeological Metal Objects
Ernst Pernicka

12. A Conservator’s Perspective on Ancient Metallurgy
Deborah Schorsch

13. Copper Working Technologies, Contexts of Use, and Social Complexity in the Eastern Woodlands of Native North America
Kathleen L. Ehrhardt

14. Mesoamerican Metallurgy: the Perspective from the West
Dorothy Hosler

15. Andean Metallurgy in Prehistory
Heather Lechtman

16. Production Networks and Consumer Choice in the Earliest Metal of Western Europe
Benjamin W. Roberts

17. Aspects of Metalworking and Society from the Black Sea to the Baltic Sea from the Fifth to the Second Millennium BC
Tobias L. Kienlin

18. Early Metallurgy in the Central Mediterranean
Andrea Dolfini

19. Cairo to Cape: The Spread of Metallurgy through Eastern and Southern Africa
David Killick

20. Organization and Specialization of Early Mining and Metal Technologies in Anatolia
Joseph W. Lehner, K. Aslıhan Yener

21. Who Dunnit? New Clues Concerning the Development of Chalcolithic Metal Technology in the Southern Levant
Jonathan Golden

22. Ancient Metallurgy in the Caucasus From the Sixth to the Third Millennium BCE
Antoine Courcier

23. The Emergence of Complex Metallurgy on the Iranian Plateau
Christopher P. Thornton

24. Production and Consumption of Copper-Base Metals in the Indus Civilization
Brett C. Hoffman, Heather M.-L. Miller

25. Early Metal in South India: Copper and Iron in Megalithic Contexts
Praveena Gullapalli

26. Metals, Society, and Economy in the Late Prehistoric Eurasian Steppe
Roger Doonan, Bryan Hanks, Dmitry Zdanovich, Elena Kupriyanova, Derek Pitman, Natal’ya Batanina, James Johnson

27. Metallurgy in Ancient Eastern Asia: Retrospect and Prospects
Katheryn M. Linduff, Jianjun Mei

28. The Transmission of Early Bronze Technology to Thailand: New Perspectives
Joyce C. White, Elizabeth G. Hamilton

Keywords: Social Sciences, Archaeology, Anthropology, Cultural Heritage

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