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Risk Assessment and Evaluation of Predictions

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Table of contents

Part I. Risk Assessment in Lifetime Data Analysis

1. Non-proportionality of Hazards in the Competing Risks Framework
Alvaro Muñoz, Alison G. Abraham, Matthew Matheson, Nikolas Wada

2. Semiparametric Inference on the Absolute Risk Reduction and the Restricted Mean Survival Difference
Song Yang

3. Connecting Threshold Regression and Accelerated Failure Time Models
Xin He, G. A. Whitmore

4. Residuals and Functional Form in Accelerated Life Regression Models
Stein Aaserud, Jan Terje Kvaløy, Bo Henry Lindqvist

5. Neyman, Markov Processes and Survival Analysis
Grace Yang

6. Quantiles of Residual Survival
Christopher Cox, Michael F. Schneider, Alvaro Muñoz

Part II. Evaluation of Predictions

7. Methods for Evaluating Prediction Performance of Biomarkers and Tests
Margaret Pepe, Holly Janes

8. Estimating Improvement in Prediction with Matched Case-Control Designs
Aasthaa Bansal, Margaret Sullivan Pepe

9. ROC Analysis for Multiple Markers with Tree-Based Classification
Mei-Cheng Wang, Shanshan Li

10. Assessing Discrimination of Risk Prediction Rules in a Clustered Data Setting
Bernard Rosner, Weiliang Qiu, Mei-Ling Ting Lee

11. Time-Dependent AUC with Right-Censored Data: A Survey
Paul Blanche, Aurélien Latouche, Vivian Viallon

12. Subgroup Specific Incremental Value of New Markers for Risk Prediction
Q. Zhou, Y. Zheng, T. Cai

Part III. Applications

13. Assessing the Effects of Imprinting and Maternal Genotypes on Complex Genetic Traits
Shili Lin

14. Competing Risks Models and Breast Cancer: A Brief Review
Sharareh Taghipour, Dragan Banjevic, Anthony Miller, Bart Harvey

15. Quantifying Relative Potency in Dose-Response Studies
Gregg E. Dinse, David M. Umbach

16. Development and Validation of Exposure Biomarkers to Dietary Contaminants Mycotoxins: A Case for Aflatoxin and Impaired Child Growth
Paul Craig Turner, Barbara Zappe Pasturel

17. Pharmaceutical Risk Assessment and Predictive Enrichment to Maximize Benefit and Minimize Risk: Issues in Product Life Cycle Evaluation
Robert T. O’Neill

18. A Multiple Imputation Approach for the Evaluation of Surrogate Markers in the Principal Stratification Causal Inference Framework
Xiaopeng Miao, Xiaoming Li, Peter B. Gilbert, Ivan S. F. Chan

19. Mapping Return Values of Extreme Wind Speeds
Adam L. Pintar, Franklin T. Lombardo

20. Decision Analysis Methods for Selecting Consumer Services with Attribute Value Uncertainty
Dennis D. Leber, Jeffrey W. Herrmann

21. Evaluating Incremental Values from New Predictors with Net Reclassification Improvement in Survival Analysis
Yingye Zheng, Layla Parast, Tianxi Cai, Marshall Brown

Keywords: Statistics, Statistics for Life Sciences, Medicine, Health Sciences, Statistics, general, Statistics and Computing/Statistics Programs

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