Ahmad, Parvaiz

Improvement of Crops in the Era of Climatic Changes

Ahmad, Parvaiz - Improvement of Crops in the Era of Climatic Changes, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Citrus Rootstocks for Improving the Horticultural Performance and Physiological Responses Under Constraining Environments
Rafael V. Ribeiro, Erick Espinoza-Núñez, Jorgino Pompeu Junior, Francisco A. A. Mourão Filho, Eduardo C. Machado

2. Role of Silicon in Enrichment of Plant Nutrients and Protection from Biotic and Abiotic Stresses
Durgesh Kumar Tripathi, Vijay Pratap Singh, Savita Gangwar, Sheo Mohan Prasad, Jagat Narayan Maurya, Devendra Kumar Chauhan

3. Transgenic Approaches for Phytoextraction of Heavy Metals
Atul Bhargava, Shilpi Srivastava

4. Using an Allometric Model for the Accumulation of Mineral Nutrients in Crops Under Saline and Water Stress: A Field Experience in Fertigation
Enrique Misle, Besma Kahlaoui, Estrella Garrido, Mohamed Hachicha

5. Control of Biotic and Abiotic Stresses in Cultivated Plants by the Use of Biostimulant Microorganisms
Adriano Sofo, Maria Nuzzaci, Antonella Vitti, Giuseppe Tataranni, Antonio Scopa

6. Cyclic Nucleotides and Nucleotide Cyclases in Plants Under Stress
Małgorzata Pietrowska-Borek, Tamara Chadzinikolau, Sławomir Borek

7. Breeding and Transgenic Approaches for Development of Abiotic Stress Tolerance in Rice
Satendra K. Mangrauthia, P. Revathi, Surekha Agarwal, Arun Kumar Singh, V. P. Bhadana

8. Mineral Bioavailability Through Mutation Breeding in Pulse Crops: A Review
Mohammad Imran Kozgar, Mohd Rafiq Wani, Samiullah Khan, Parvaiz Ahmad

9. Abiotic Stress and Control of Yield in Cereals
Bhinu V-S Pillai, Sreekala Chellamma

10. Improvement of Crop Production Under Saline Stress by a Biohydraulic Approach
Besma Kahlaoui, Mohamed Hachicha, Enrique Misle, Belgacem Hanchi, Jorge Teixeira

11. Induced Mutagenesis for the Improvement of Pulse Crops with Special Reference to Mung Bean: A Review Update
Mohd Rafiq Wani, Mohammad Imran Kozgar, Samiullah Khan, M. Abass Ahanger, Parvaiz Ahmad

12. Crop Improvement Through Tissue Culture
L. F. Filippis

13. Agricultural Pollution: An Emerging Issue
Aqsa Abbasi, Ayesha Sajid, Namra Haq, Sammia Rahman, Zujaja-tul Misbah, Gul Sanober, Muhammad Ashraf, Alvina Gul Kazi

Keywords: Life Sciences, Plant Sciences, Plant Physiology, Plant Breeding/Biotechnology, Plant Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Earth System Sciences

Publication year
Natural Sciences

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