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Handbook of Human Computation

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Table of contents

Part I. Foundations

1. Foundations in Human Computation
Matthew Blumberg

2. Patterns of Connection
Matthew Blumberg

3. Human Computation and Divided Labor
David Alan Grier

4. Ant Colonies as a Model of Human Computation
Melanie Moses, Tatiana Flanagan, Kenneth Letendre, Matthew Fricke

5. Parallels in Neural and Human Communication Networks
L. J. Larson-Prior

6. The Psychopathology of Information Processing Systems
Matthew Blumberg, Pietro Michelucci

7. Information and Computation
Carlos Gershenson

8. Epistemological Issues in Human Computation
Helmut Nechansky

9. Synthesis and Taxonomy of Human Computation
Pietro Michelucci

Part II. Application Domains

10. Human Computation in the Wild
Haym Hirsh

11. Human Computation for Disaster Response
Patrick Meier

12. The Virtuous Circle of the Quantified Self: A Human Computational Approach to Improved Health Outcomes
Paul Wicks, Max Little

13. Knowledge Engineering via Human Computation
Elena Simperl, Maribel Acosta, Fabian Flöck

14. Human Computation in Citizen Science
Chris Lintott, Jason Reed

15. Human Computation as an Educational Opportunity
Carole R. Beal, Clayton T. Morrison, Juan C. Villegas

16. Search and Discovery Through Human Computation
Albert Yu-Min Lin, Andrew Huynh, Luke Barrington, Gert Lanckriet

17. Human Computation in Electronic Literature
Scott Rettberg

18. Human Computation for Information Retrieval
Christopher G. Harris, Padmini Srinivasan

19. Human Computation-Enabled Network Analysis for a Systemic Credit Risk Rating
François Bry

20. Innovation via Human Computation
Lisa Purvis, Manas Hardas

21. Human Computation for Organizations: Socializing Business Process Management
Marco Brambilla, Piero Fraternali

22. Solving Wicked Problems
Dan Thomsen

Part III. Techniques and Modalities

23. Introduction to Techniques and Modalities
Kshanti A. Greene

24. Social Knowledge Collection
Yolanda Gil

25. Location-Based Games for Citizen Computation
Irene Celino

26. Augmented Reality Interfaces in Human Computation Systems
Mark Billinghurst

27. Pervasive Human Computing
Joel Ross

28. Building Blocks for Collective Problem Solving
Kshanti A. Greene, Thomas A. Young

29. Adaptive Agents in Combinatorial Prediction Markets
Anamaria Berea

30. Risks and Rewards of Crowdsourcing Marketplaces
Jesse Chandler, Gabriele Paolacci, Pam Mueller

31. Designing Systems with Homo Ludens in the Loop
Markus Krause

32. Human-Computer Interaction Issues in Human Computation
Stuart Reeves

33. Collective Action and Human Computation
Jasminko Novak

34. Cultural Evolution as Distributed Computation
Liane Gabora

35. Collective Search as Human Computation
Winter Mason

36. Organismic Computing
Pietro Michelucci

Part IV. Infrastructure and Architecture

37. Infrastructure and Architecture for Human Computer Intelligent Collaboration
Michael Witbrock

38. Interactive Crowds: Real-Time Crowdsourcing and Crowd Agents
Walter S. Lasecki, Jeffrey P. Bigham

39. The Semantic Web and the Next Generation of Human Computation
Dominic DiFranzo, James Hendler

40. Conversational Computation
Michael Witbrock, Luka Bradeško

41. Modeling Humans as Computing Resources
Yu-An Sun, Christopher Dance

42. Service Oriented Protocols for Human Computation
Daniel Schall

43. CyLog/Crowd4U: A Case Study of a Computing Platform for Cybernetic Dataspaces
Atsuyuki Morishima

44. Multiagent Environment Design for Pervasive Human-ICT Systems: The SAPERE Approach
Gabriella Castelli, Marco Mamei, Alberto Rosi, Franco Zambonelli

45. The “Human Sensor:” Bridging Between Human Data and Services
Neal Lathia

Part V. Algorithms

46. Algorithms: Introduction
Remco Chang, Caroline Ziemkiewicz

47. The Wisdom of Crowds: Methods of Human Judgement Aggregation
Aidan Lyon, Eric Pacuit

48. Balancing Human and Machine Contributions in Human Computation Systems
R. Jordan Crouser, Alvitta Ottley, Remco Chang

49. Constructing Crowdsourced Workflows
Peng Dai

50. Distributed Intelligent Agent Algorithms in Human Computation
Edmund H. Durfee

51. Human-Based Evolutionary Computing
Jeffrey V. Nickerson

52. Algorithms for Social Recommendation
Ido Guy

Part VI. Participation

53. Participation
Winter Mason

54. Methods for Engaging and Evaluating Users of Human Computation Systems
Jon Chamberlain, Udo Kruschwitz, Massimo Poesio

55. Participating in Online Citizen Science: Motivations as the Basis for User Types and Trajectories
Jason T. Reed, Ryan Cook, M. Jordan Raddick, Karen Carney, Chris Lintott

56. Cultivating Collective Intelligence in Online Groups
Anita Williams Woolley, Nada Hashmi

57. Human Computation and Collaboration: Identifying Unique Social Processes in Virtual Contexts
Alecia M. Santuzzi, Christopher J. Budnick, Derrick L. Cogburn

58. Game Theory and Incentives in Human Computation Systems
Arpita Ghosh

Part VII. Analysis

59. Analysis: An Introduction
Kristina Lerman

60. Social Informatics: Using Big Data to Understand Social Behavior
Kristina Lerman

61. Computational Analysis of Collective Behaviors via Agent-Based Modeling
Lilian Weng, Filippo Menczer

62. Stochastic Modeling of Social Behavior on Digg
Tad Hogg

63. Activation Cascades in Structured Populations
Aram Galstyan

64. Synchrony in Social Groups and Its Benefits
Qi Xuan, Vladimir Filkov

65. Psychosocial and Cultural Modeling in Human Computation Systems: A Gamification Approach
Antonio Sanfilippo, Roderick Riensche, Jereme Haack, Scott Butner

Part VIII. Policy and Security

66. Introduction to Security and Policy Section
Dan Thomsen

67. Labor Standards
Alek Felstiner

68. Exploitation in Human Computation Systems
James Caverlee

69. Big Data, Dopamine and Privacy by Design
Thomas W. Deutsch

70. Privacy in Social Collaboration
Elena Ferrari, Marco Viviani

71. Applying Security Lessons Learned to Human Computation Solving Systems
Dan Thomsen

Part IX. Impact

72. The Impact of Human Computation
Pietro Michelucci

73. From Human Computation to the Global Brain: The Self-Organization of Distributed Intelligence
Francis Heylighen

74. Superorganismic Behavior via Human Computation
Theodore P. Pavlic, Stephen C. Pratt

75. Gaming the Attention Economy
Daniel Estrada, Jonathan Lawhead

76. Human Cumulative Cultural Evolution as a Form of Distributed Computation
Paul E. Smaldino, Peter J. Richerson

77. Human Computation and Conflict
Juan Pablo Hourcade, Lisa P. Nathan

78. The Role of Human Computation in Sustainability, or, Social Progress Is Made of Fossil Fuels
Bonnie Nardi

79. Human Computation: A Manifesto
Pietro Michelucci

Keywords: Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics), User Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, Computer Appl. in Social and Behavioral Sciences, Algorithm Analysis and Problem Complexity

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