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Modern Accelerator Technologies for Geographic Information Science

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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction

1. Modern Accelerator Technologies for Geographic Information Science
Xuan Shi, Volodymyr Kindratenko, Chaowei Yang

Part II. Overview of Modern Accelerator Technologies (MAT) for Scientific Computation

2. A Brief History and Introduction to GPGPU
Richard Vuduc, Jee Choi

3. Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessors
Jim Jeffers

4. Accelerating Geocomputation with Cloud Computing
Qunying Huang, Zhenlong Li, Jizhe Xia, Yunfeng Jiang, Chen Xu, Kai Liu, Manzhu Yu, Chaowei Yang

Part III. MAT in GIScience Applications

5. Parallel Primitives-Based Spatial Join of Geospatial Data on GPGPUs
Jianting Zhang

6. Utilizing CUDA-Enabled GPUs to Support 5D Scientific Geovisualization: A Case Study of Simulating Dust Storm Events
Jing Li, Yunfeng Jiang, Chaowei Yang, Qunying Huang

7. A Parallel Algorithm to Solve Near-Shortest Path Problems on Raster Graphs
F. Antonio Medrano, Richard L. Church

8. CUDA-Accelerated HD-ODETLAP: Lossy High Dimensional Gridded Data Compression
W. Randolph Franklin, You Li, Tsz-Yam Lau, Peter Fox

9. Accelerating Agent-Based Modeling Using Graphics Processing Units
Wenwu Tang

Part IV. MAT in Remotely Sensed Data Processing and Analysis

10. Large-Scale Pulse Compression for Costas Signal with GPGPU
Bin Zhou, Chun-mao Yeh, Wen-wen Li, Wei-jie Zhang

11. Parallelizing ISODATA Algorithm for Unsupervised Image Classification on GPU
Fei Ye, Xuan Shi

12. Accelerating Mean Shift Segmentation Algorithm on Hybrid CPU/GPU Platforms
Miaoqing Huang, Liang Men, Chenggang Lai

Part V. Multi-core Technology for Geospatial Services

13. Simulation and Analysis of Cluster-Based Caching Replacement Based on Temporal and Spatial Locality of Tiles Access
Rui Li, Xinxing Wang, Jingjing Wang, Huayi Wu

14. A High-Concurrency Web Map Tile Service Built with Open-Source Software
Huayi Wu, Xuefeng Guan, Tianming Liu, Lan You, Zhenqiang Li

15. Improved Parallel Optimal Choropleth Map Classification
Jason Laura, Sergio J. Rey

Part VI. Vision and Applicability of MAT for Geospatial Modeling and Spatiotemporal Data Analytics

16. Pursuing Spatiotemporally Integrated Social Science Using Cyberinfrastructure
Xinyue Ye, Xuan Shi

17. Opportunities and Challenges for Urban Land-Use Change Modeling Using High-Performance Computing
Qingfeng Guan, Xuan Shi

18. Modern Accelerator Technologies for Spatially-Explicit Integrated Environmental Modeling
Dali Wang, Shujiang Kang

Keywords: Computer Science, Information Systems Applications (incl. Internet), Geotechnical Engineering & Applied Earth Sciences, Computational Science and Engineering, Geographical Information Systems/Cartography, Remote Sensing/Photogrammetry, Algorithms

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Information Technology, Telecommunications

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