Wadsworth, Shelley MacDermid

Military Deployment and its Consequences for Families

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Table of contents

1. Research and Training About Military Families: Where Are We?
Shelley MacDermid Wadsworth, Linda Hughes-Kirchubel, David S. Riggs

Part I. Relationship Functioning

2. Bridging the Distance: Illustrations of Real-Time Communication of Support Between Partners and Deployed Members of the National Guard
Amber J. Seidel, Melissa M. Franks, Grady F. Murphy, Shelley MacDermid Wadsworth

3. Relational Turbulence Within Military Couples During Reintegration Following Deployment
Leanne K. Knobloch, Jennifer A. Theiss

4. Feasibility of Telephone Support Groups for Spouses of Returning Iraq and Afghanistan Service Members
Linda Olivia Nichols, Jennifer Martindale-Adams, Marshall J. Graney, Jeffrey Zuber, Patricia E. Miller, Denise V. Brown

5. Evolution of a Research Agenda for Military Families
Cathy A. Flynn

Part II. Parenting and Child Outcomes

6. General and Specialist Health Care Utilization in Military Children of Army Service Members Who Are Deployed
Mary Jo Larson, Beth A. Mohr, Laura Lorenz, Candice Grayton, Thomas V. Williams

7. Parenting Practices and Emotion Regulation in National Guard and Reserve Families: Early Findings from the After Deployment Adaptive Parenting Tools/ADAPT Study
Abigail Gewirtz, Laurel Davis

8. Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Military Families: Visible But Legally Marginalized
Ramona Faith Oswald, Martina M. Sternberg

Part III. Single Service Members

9. Pre-deployment Well-Being Among Single and Partnered National Guard Soldiers: The Role of Their Parents, Social Support, and Stressors
Melissa A. Polusny, Christopher R. Erbes, Emily Hagel Campbell, Hannah Fairman, Mark Kramer, Alexandria K. Johnson

10. Towards a Better Understanding of Post-Deployment Reintegration
Donald R. McCreary, Jennifer M. Peach, Ann-Renée Blais, Deniz Fikretoglu

11. Young Veterans and the Transition to Civilian Employment: Does Marital Status Matter?
Meredith Kleykamp, Sidra Montgomery

12. Recent Developments in the Uneasy Tension Between Family and Career: Competency-Related Perceptions of Women and Mothers
Jenny M. Hoobler

Part IV. Family Sequelae of Wounds and Injuries

13. The Effects of Wounds of War on Family Functioning in a National Guard Sample: An Exploratory Study
Lisa Gorman, Adrian Blow, Michelle Kees, Marcia Valenstein, Chris Jarman, Jim Spira

14. Resources and Coping Strategies Among Caregivers of Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) and Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) Veterans with Polytrauma and Traumatic Brain Injury
Joan M. Griffin, Greta Friedemann-Sánchez, Kathleen F. Carlson, Agnes C. Jensen, Amy Gravely, Brent C. Taylor, Sean M. Phelan, Kathryn Wilder-Schaaf, Sherry Dyche Ceperich, Courtney Harold Houtven

15. Combat-Related Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Families
Tanja Frančišković, Aleksandra Stevanović, Miro Klarić

16. Community-Based Support and Unmet Needs Among Families of Persons with Brain Injuries: A Mixed Methods Study with the Brain Injury Association of America State Affiliates
Charles Edmund Degeneffe, Mark Tucker

Keywords: Social Sciences, Family, Psychology Research, Social Policy

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Risk and Resilience in Military and Veteran Families
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17 pages

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