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Computational Surgery and Dual Training

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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction

1. A Road Map for Computational Surgery: Challenges and Opportunities
B. L. Bass, M. Garbey

Part II. Computer Assisted Management of Disease and Surgery

2. Plato’s CAVE: A Multidimensional, Image-Guided Radiation Therapy Cross Reality Platform with Advanced Surgical Planning, Simulation, and Visualization Techniques Using (Native) DICOM Patient Image Studies
E. Brian Butler, Paul E. Sovelius, Nancy Huynh

3. Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy/Stereotactic Ablative Body Radiotherapy for Lung Cancer
Hua Ren, Shanda Blackmon, Bin S. Teh

4. Computer-Aided Management in Scoliosis Surgery
Tran Nguyen Hoang Thi Tho, Truong Quang Dang Khoa, Vo Thanh, Lawrence H. Le, Vo Toi

5. Computational Modeling of Breast Conserving Surgery (BCS) Starting from MRI Imaging
D. Thanoon, M. Garbey, B. L. Bass

Part III. Image Processing and Diagnostics

6. A Statistical Framework for Biomarker Analysis and HR-MAS 2D Metabolite Identification
Akram Belghith, Christophe Collet, Jean-Paul Armspach

7. Hardware and Performance Considerations for Computational Medicine
Edgar Gabriel, Rahma Smaoui, Vishwanath Venkatesan, Shishir Shah

Part IV. Image Driven Intervention and Robotic

8. Cardiovascular Imaging, Navigation and Intervention: Hybrid Imaging and Therapeutics
Daynene Vykoukal, Ponraj Chinnadurai, Mark G. Davies

9. Towards Automatic Computer-Aided Planning in Arthroplasty Surgery by Innovative Methods for Processing the Bone Surface Models
Pietro Cerveri, Mario Marchente, Norberto Confalonieri, Alfonso Manzotti, Guido Baroni

10. Robotic Assisted Lobectomy for Lung Cancer
Min P. Kim

11. Robot Interaction Control in Medicine and Surgery: Original Results and Open Problems
B. Bayle, M. Joinié-Maurin, L. Barbé, J. Gangloff, M. Mathelin

12. Control Issues and Possible Solutions in Robotized Flexible Endoscopy
Florent Nageotte, Bérengère Bardou, Philippe Zanne, Laurent Ott, Michel Mathelin

13. Beating Heart Surgery: Comparison of Two Active Compensation Solutions for Minimally Invasive Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting
Julien Gagne, Wael Bachta, Pierre Renaud, Olivier Piccin, Édouard Laroche, Jacques Gangloff

Part V. Modeling, Simulation and Experimental data

14. Segmentation and Blood Flow Simulations of Patient-Specific Heart Data
Dimitris Metaxas, Scott Kulp, Mingchen Gao, Shaoting Zhang, Zhen Qian, Leon Axel

15. Assessment of Hemodynamics in DeBakey Type III Aortic Dissections for Planning Surgical Interventions and to Understand Post-Treatment Changes
Christof Karmonik, Jean Bismuth, Mark G. Davies, Dipan J. Shah, Alan B. Lumsden

16. Three-Dimensional Numerical Simulation of Plaque Formation in Arteries
N. Filipovic, N. Meunier, D. Fotiadis, O. Parodi, M. Kojic

17. Rule-Based Simulation of Vein Graft Remodeling
Minki Hwang, Marc Garbey, Scott A. Berceli, Roger Tran-Son-Tay

18. Transport in Nanoconfinement and Within Blood Vessel Wall
A. Ziemys, N. Filipovic, M. Ferrari, M. Kojic

19. Some Models for the Prediction of Tumor Growth: General Framework and Applications to Metastases in the Lung
Thierry Colin, Angelo Iollo, Damiano Lombardi, Olivier Saut, Françoise Bonichon, Jean Palussière

20. Quantifying the Role of Anisotropic Invasion in Human Glioblastoma
R. Sodt, R. Rockne, M. L. Neal, I. Kalet, K R. Swanson

21. A Mathematical Model for Growing Metastases on Oncologists’s Service
D. Barbolosi, A. Benabdallah, S. Benzekry, J. Ciccolini, C. Faivre, F. Hubert, F. Verga, B. You

22. Neocortical Simulation for Epilepsy Surgery Guidance: Localization and Intervention
William W. Lytton, Samuels A. Neymotin, Jason C. Wester, Diego Contreras

23. Calculation of the Discrete Effective Stiffness of Cancellous Bone by Direct Mechanical Simulations
Ralf Schneider, Michael M. Resch

Part VI. Training and Performance Analysis

24. Robotics as a Tool for Training and Assessment of Surgical Skill
Marcia K. O’Malley, Ozkan Celik, Joel C. Huegel, Michael D. Byrne, Jean Bismuth, Brian J. Dunkin, Alvin C. Goh, Brian J. Miles

25. Workload and Performance Analyses with Haptic and Visually Guided Training in a Dynamic Motor Skill Task
Joel C. Huegel, Marcia K. O’Malley

Keywords: Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Surgery

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