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Monitoring Technologies in Acute Care Environments

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Table of contents

Part I. Fundamental Principles of Monitoring

1. Overview of Clinical Monitoring
James F. Szocik

2. Monitoring in Acute Care Environments: Unique Aspects of Intensive Care Units, Operating Rooms, Recovery Rooms, and Telemetry Floors
Brian S. Rothman

3. Introduction to Signals
Justin P. Henneman, Jesse M. Ehrenfeld

4. Signal Analysis: Acquisition, Storage, and Analysis of Physiological Signals
Christine Kim Lee

5. Information Displays and Ergonomics
B. Samaiya Mushtaq, Judith W. Dexheimer, Shilo Anders

6. Decision Support and Closed-Loop Systems
Guy A. Dumont

Part II. Hemodynamic Monitoring

7. Introduction to Hemodynamic Monitoring
Azriel Perel

8. Pulmonary Artery Catheterization
Olufunmilayo Ogundele, Eliezer Bose, Michael R. Pinsky

9. Noninvasive Cardiac Output Monitoring
Robert H. Thiele, Karsten Bartels, Tong J. Gan

10. Transpulmonary Thermodilution
Olfa Hamzaoui, Xavier Monnet, Jean-Louis Teboul

11. Echocardiography in the Acute Care Setting
David W. Boldt, Aman Mahajan

12. Noninvasive Arterial Pressure Monitoring
Jos J. Settels

13. Heart Rate Variability
Benoît Tavernier, Mathieu Jeanne

14. Preload-Dependent Monitoring
Olufunmilayo Ogundele, Michael R. Pinsky

15. Monitoring the Microcirculation in Critically Ill Patients
Eduardo Romay Medina, Dan M. J. Milstein, Can Ince

16. Hemodynamic Monitoring During Cardiopulmonary Bypass
Jason D. Kennedy, Robert J. Deegan, Julian S. Bick

17. Closed-Loop Fluid Management and Hemodynamic Optimization
Joseph B. Rinehart

Part III. Respiratory Monitoring

18. Introduction to Respiratory Monitoring
Boris Jung, Yannaël Coisel, Samir Jaber

19. Photoplethysmography: Analysis of the Pulse Oximeter Waveform
Aymen A. Alian, Kirk H. Shelley

20. Time and Volumetric Capnography
Michael B. Jaffe

21. Monitoring Diaphragmatic Function
Boris Jung, Yannaël Coisel, Samir Jaber

22. The Anesthesia Machine as a Monitor
James H. Philip

23. Ventilator Settings in Acute Care Environments
Yannaël Coisel, Boris Jung, Samir Jaber

24. Monitoring Respiratory Rate
Michael Ramsay

25. Closed-Loop Mechanical Ventilation
Marc Wysocki

Part IV. Neuromonitoring

26. Introduction to Neuromonitoring
Tod Sloan, Antoun Koht

27. Transcranial Doppler
Roy C. Neeley

28. Brain Oxygenation
Davinder Ramsingh

29. Intracranial Pressure and SvjO2
Nelson Nicolas Algarra, Michael J. Souter

30. Monitoring the EEG for Assessing Depth of Anesthesia
Guy A. Dumont

31. Monitoring Analgesia
Anjali Dogra, Hadi S. Moten

32. Neuromonitoring During Spine Surgery
Sean A. Flesch, William H. Levis, Nabil J. Azar

33. Closed-Loop Anesthesia Based on Neuromonitoring
Ngai Liu, El Medhi Hafiani, Morgan Guen

34. Target-Controlled Infusions
Loren A. Hemachandra

Part V. Metabolic Monitoring

35. Glucometrics and Measuring Blood Glucose in Critically Ill Patients
Gregory E. Evans, Donald Crabtree, Liza M. Weavind

36. Noninvasive Hemoglobin Monitoring
Valerie Begnoche, Michael O’Reilly

37. Monitoring of O2 Uptake and CO2 Elimination During Anesthesia and Surgery
Peter H. Breen, Abraham Rosenbaum

38. Gastric Tonometry
William T. Costello

39. Temperature Monitoring
Adam B. King, Jesse M. Ehrenfeld

Part VI. Other Forms of Monitoring in the Acute Care Environment

40. Point-of-Care Coagulation Monitoring
Michael T. Ganter, Christoph K. Hofer

41. Pediatric Monitoring
Thomas M. Romanelli

42. Fetal Monitoring
Matthew V. Buck, Michael G. Richardson

43. Ultrasound
Rajnish K. Gupta, Clifford Bowens

Part VII. Information Technologies in the Acute Care Setting

44. Overview of Electronic Health Records
Jonathan P. Wanderer, Jesse M. Ehrenfeld

45. Benefits and Drawbacks of Health Information Technology
Jonathan P. Wanderer, Jesse M. Ehrenfeld

46. Special Case: Perioperative Information Management Systems
Allan F. Simpao, Jesse M. Ehrenfeld

Part VIII. New and Emerging Technologies

47. Intelligent Patient Monitoring and Clinical Decision Making
J. Mark Ansermino

48. Robotization
Thomas M. Hemmerling, Nora Terrasini, Shantale Cyr

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Anesthesiology, Intensive / Critical Care Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Health Informatics

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