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Melt Extrusion

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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction and Equipment

1. Melt Extrusion in Drug Delivery: Three Decades of Progress
Sejal Shah, Michael A. Repka

2. Twin Screw Extrusion for Pharmaceutical Processes
Charlie Martin

Part II. Excipients

3. Properties and Applications of Polyvinyllactam Polymers
Karl Kolter

4. Properties and Applications of Hypromellose Acetate Succinate (HPMCAS) for Solubility Enhancement Using Melt Extrusion
Sakaé Obara, Fumié K. Tanno, Ashish Sarode

5. Cellulose Ethers for Extrusion Applications
Elanor Pinto, Thomas Dürig

6. Properties and Applications of Polyethylene Oxide and Ethylcellulose for Tamper Resistance and Controlled Drug Delivery
Sampada B. Upadhye, Ali R. Rajabi-Siahboomi

Part III. Formulation Design

7. Formulation Development of Amorphous Solid Dispersions Prepared by Melt Extrusion
James C. DiNunzio, Dave A. Miller

8. Nonsink In Vitro Dissolution Testing of Amorphous Solid Dispersions
Jeff T. Gautschi

Part IV. Applications

9. Manufacture of Pharmaceutically Relevant Materials by Mechanochemistry Using Twin Screw Extrusion
Dominick Daurio, Karthik Nagapudi, Fernando Alvarez-Núñez

10. Melt Extruded Controlled Release Dosage Forms
Justin M. Keen, James W. McGinity

11. Excipient or API Melt Processing via Injection Molding
Costas G. Gogos

12. Devices and Implants Prepared Using Hot Melt Extrusion
Andrew Loxley

13. Solid Lipid Extrusion
Peter Kleinebudde

14. Formulation, Bioavailability, and Manufacturing Process Enhancement: Novel Applications of Melt Extrusion in Enabling Product Development
Jay P. Lakshman

15. Hot Melt Extrusion as a Continuous Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Process
Daniel Treffer, Patrick Wahl, Daniel Markl, Gerold Koscher, Eva Roblegg, Johannes G. Khinast

16. Hot-Melt Extrusion Process Design Using Process Analytical Technology
Andreas Gryczke

Part V. Regulatory and Commercialization Considerations

17. Consistency of Pharmaceutical Products: An FDA Perspective on Hot-Melt Extrusion Process
Abhay Gupta, Mansoor A. Khan

18. Melt Extrusion: A Commercial Perception to Practicality
Sejal P. Shah, Jörg Breitenbach

19. Future Trends
Michael A. Repka

Keywords: Biomedicine, Biomedicine general, Pharmaceutical Sciences/Technology

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AAPS Advances in the Pharmaceutical Sciences Series
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12 pages
Medicine, Health Care, Mode

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