Brüggemann, Rainer

Multi-indicator Systems and Modelling in Partial Order

Brüggemann, Rainer - Multi-indicator Systems and Modelling in Partial Order, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Theory

1. Evaluation as a General Approach to Problem Driven Mathematical Modeling
Adalbert Kerber

2. Multivariate Datasets for Inference of Order: Some Considerations and Explorations
Ganapati P. Patil, Wayne L. Myers, Rainer Brüggemann

3. Measures of Incomparability and of Inequality and Their Applications
Hans-Georg Bartel, Hans-Joachim Mucha

4. Measuring Structural Dissimilarity Between Finite Partial Orders
Marco Fattore, Rosanna Grassi, Alberto Arcagni

5. Quantifying Complexity of Partially Ordered Sets
Guillermo Restrepo

Part II. Partial Order as Tool to Analyse Composite Indicators

6. Comparative Knowledge Discovery with Partial Orders and Composite Indicators: Multi-indicator Systemic Ranking, Advocacy, and Reconciliation
Ganapati P. Patil, S. W. Joshi

7. A Software Platform Towards a Comparison of Cars: A Case Study for Handling Ratio-Based Decisions
Jochen Wittmann, Rainer Brüggemann

Part III. New Trends in Partial Order

8. Coordination of Contrariety and Ambiguity in Comparative Compositional Contexts: Balance of Normalized Definitive Status in Multi-indicator Systems
Wayne L. Myers, Ganapati P. Patil

9. Partial Orders in Socio-economics: A Practical Challenge for Poset Theorists or a Cultural Challenge for Social Scientists?
Marco Fattore, Filomena Maggino

Part IV. Applications

10. Ranking Hazardous Chemicals with a Heuristic Approach to Reduce Isolated Objects in Hasse Diagrams
Ghanima Al-Sharrah

11. Hasse Diagram Technique Can Further Improve the Interpretation of Results in Multielemental Large-Scale Biomonitoring Studies of Atmospheric Metal Pollution
Stergios Pirintsos, Michael Bariotakis, Vaios Kalogrias, Stella Katsogianni, Rainer Brüggemann

12. Application of Partial Orders and Hasse Matrices in Ranking Contaminated Sites
Ron J. Thiessen, Gopal Achari

13. Evaluating Ranking Robustness in Multi-indicator Uncertain Matrices: An Application Based on Simulation and Global Sensitivity Analysis
Claudio M. Rocco, Stefano Tarantola

14. Hasse Diagram Technique Contributions to Environmental Risk Assessment
Stefan Tsakovski, Vasil Simeonov

Part V. Software Aspects

15. PARSEC: An R Package for Poset-Based Evaluation of Multidimensional Poverty
Marco Fattore, Alberto Arcagni

16. Higher Order Indicator with Rank-Related Clustering in Multi-indicator Systems
Wayne L. Myers, Ganapati P. Patil

17. PyHasse Software Features Applied on the Evaluation of Chemicals in Human Breast Milk Samples in Turkey
Kristina Voigt, Rainer Brüggemann, Hagen Scherb, Ismet Cok, Birgül Mazmanci, M. Ali Mazmanci, Cafer Turgut, Karl-Werner Schramm

18. Indicator Analyses: What Is Important—and for What?
Lars Carlsen, Rainer Brüggemann

19. PyHasse Software for Partial Order Analysis: Scientific Background and Description of Selected Modules
Rainer Brüggemann, Lars Carlsen, Kristina Voigt, Ralf Wieland

Keywords: Statistics, Statistics for Life Sciences, Medicine, Health Sciences, Environmental Management, Math. Appl. in Environmental Science, Statistics, general

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Natural Sciences

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