Scott-Ireton, Della A.

Between the Devil and the Deep

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Table of contents

Part I. Challenges in Public Access and Engagement

1. Toward Multivocality in Public Archaeology: Public Empowerment Through Collaboration
John H. Jameson

2. Connecting the Wrecks: A Case Study in Conveying the Importance of Submerged Cultural Heritage Through a Scaled Outreach Approach
Alexis Catsambis, Kate Morrand

3. Out of Sight, Out of Mind and at Risk: The United Kingdom Public’s Engagement with Heritage
Christopher J. Underwood

4. Connecting People to the Past: An Ethnographic Approach to Maritime Heritage Interpretation and Recreation
Irina T. Sorset

5. Management of Submerged Cultural Heritage: Public Outreach Examples as a Result of the Section 106 Process
Christopher Horrell

6. Shifting Sand: A Model for Facilitating Public Assistance in Coastal Archaeology
Justin J. Bensley, Victor T. Mastone

7. “Public” and “the Public” in Italian Underwater Archaeology: A Sardinian Perspective
Massimiliano Secci

8. The Success of the South Carolina Sport Diver Archaeology Management Program
Ashley M. Deming

9. Maritime Heritage Outreach and Education: East Carolina University’s Engagement with International Public Communities in Africa and the Caribbean
Lynn Harris

10. The Florida Panhandle Shipwreck Trail: Promoting Heritage Tourism in the Digital Age
Lindsay S. Smith

11. Sailing the SSEAS: A New Program for Public Engagement in Underwater Archaeology
Della A. Scott-Ireton

Part II. Interpreting Challenging Sites

12. No Visibility, No Artifacts, No Problem? Challenges Associated with Presenting Buried Sites and Inaccessible Shipwrecks to the Public
Amanda M. Evans

13. A Monumental Distance: Education and Outreach from the Most Remote Archipelago on Earth
Kelly Gleason

14. Interpretation of Maritime Heritage at National Marine Sanctuaries: Using a Maritime Cultural Landscape Approach
Bruce G. Terrell

15. Managing Historic Shipwrecks in Argentina: Challenges to Reach the Public
Dolores Elkin

16. Difficult Heritage: Interpreting Underwater Battlefield Sites
Jennifer F. McKinnon

17. Challenges as Stepping Stones: Mexico’s Experience in Maritime Heritage Interpretation
Pilar Luna Erreguerena

18. Making Shipwrecks Celebrities: Using the National Register, Shipwreck Preserves, Documentary Filmmaking, and Interdisciplinary Projects for Shipwreck Preservation
Joseph W. Zarzynski, Samuel S. Bowser, John Farrell, Peter Pepe

Keywords: Social Sciences, Archaeology, Cultural Heritage

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When the Land Meets the Sea
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