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Handbook of Executive Functioning

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Table of contents

Part I. Conceptualizations of Executive Functioning

1. Introduction: A History of Executive Functioning as a Theoretical and Clinical Construct
Sam Goldstein, Jack A. Naglieri, Dana Princiotta, Tulio M. Otero

2. The Physiology of Executive Functioning
Hyun Jin Chung, Lisa L. Weyandt, Anthony Swentosky

3. The Frontal Lobes and Executive Functioning
Tulio M. Otero, Lauren A. Barker

4. The Development of Hot and Cool Executive Functions in Childhood and Adolescence: Are We Getting Warmer?
Eric Peterson, Marilyn C. Welsh

Part II. Practical Implications

5. A Review of the Use of Executive Function Tasks in Externalizing and Internalizing Disorders
Lisa L. Weyandt, W. Grant Willis, Anthony Swentosky, Kimberly Wilson, Grace M. Janusis, Hyun Jin Chung, Kyle Turcotte, Stephanie Marshall

6. The Neuropsychology of Executive Functioning and the DSM-5
Cecil R. Reynolds, Arthur MacNeill Horton

7. Executive Functioning Theory and ADHD
Kevin M. Antshel, Bridget O. Hier, Russell A. Barkley

8. Executive Functioning Theory and Autism
Hilde M. Geurts, Marieke Vries, Sanne F. W. M. Bergh

9. Executive Functioning as a Mediator of Age-Related Cognitive Decline in Adults
Dana Princiotta, Melissa DeVries, Sam Goldstein

Part III. Assessment of Executive Functioning

10. Assessment of Executive Function Using Rating Scales: Psychometric Considerations
Jack A. Naglieri, Sam Goldstein

11. The Cambridge Neuropsychological Test Automated Battery in the Assessment of Executive Functioning
Katherine V. Wild, Erica D. Musser

12. The Assessment of Executive Function Using the Cognitive Assessment System: Second Edition
Jack A. Naglieri, Tulio M. Otero

13. The Assessment of Executive Functioning Using the Delis-Kaplan Executive Functions System (D-KEFS)
Tammy L. Stephens

14. Using the Comprehensive Executive Function Inventory (CEFI) to Assess Executive Function: From Theory to Application
Jack A. Naglieri, Sam Goldstein

15. The Assessment of Executive Functioning Using the Barkley Deficits in Executive Functioning Scales
Russell A. Barkley

16. Assessment with the Test of Verbal Conceptualization and Fluency (TVCF)
Cecil R. Reynolds, Arthur MacNeill Horton

17. Examining Executive Functioning Using the Behavior Assessment System for Children (BASC)
Mauricio A. Garcia-Barrera, Emily C. Duggan, Justin E. Karr, Cecil R. Reynolds

18. Assessment of Executive Functioning Using the Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Function (BRIEF)
Robert M. Roth, Peter K. Isquith, Gerard A. Gioia

19. Assessment of Executive Functioning Using Tasks of Executive Control
Peter K. Isquith, Robert M. Roth, Gerard A. Gioia

20. The Assessment of Executive Functioning Using the Childhood Executive Functioning Inventory (CHEXI)
Lisa B. Thorell, Corinne Catale

21. The Assessment of Executive Functioning Using the Delis Rating of Executive Functions (D-REF)
Jessica A. Rueter

22. Cross-Battery Approach to the Assessment of Executive Functions
Dawn P. Flanagan, Vincent C. Alfonso, Shauna G. Dixon

Part IV. Interventions Related to Executive Functioning

23. Treatment Integrity in Interventions That Target the Executive Function
Andrew Livanis, Ayla Mertturk, Samantha Benvenuto, Christy Ann Mulligan

24. Interventions to Promote Executive Development in Children and Adolescents
Peg Dawson, Richard Guare

25. Teaching Executive Functioning Processes: Promoting Metacognition, Strategy Use, and Effort
Lynn Meltzer

26. Working Memory Training and Cogmed
Peter C. Entwistle, Charles Shinaver

27. Supporting and Strengthening Working Memory in the Classroom to Enhance Executive Functioning
Milton J. Dehn

28. Building Executive Functioning in Children Through Problem Solving
Bonnie Aberson

29. Practical Strategies for Developing Executive Functioning Skills for ALL Learners in the Differentiated Classroom
Kathleen Kryza

Keywords: Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Assessment, Testing and Evaluation, Psychiatry, Neurobiology, Rehabilitation Medicine, Social Work

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