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The Computing Dendrite

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Table of contents

Part I. Dendritic Morphology

1. Introduction to Dendritic Morphology
Benjamin Torben-Nielsen, Hermann Cuntz

2. The Cell Biology of Dendrite Differentiation
Gaia Tavosanis

3. Archetypes and Outliers in the Neuromorphological Space
Cesar H. Comin, Julian Tejada, Matheus P. Viana, Antonio C. Roque, Luciano da F. Costa

4. Neuronal Arborizations, Spatial Innervation, and Emergent Network Connectivity
Jaap Pelt, Harry B. M. Uylings, Arjen Ooyen

5. Shaping of Neurons by Environmental Interaction
Artur Luczak

6. Modelling Dendrite Shape from Wiring Principles
Hermann Cuntz

7. A Statistical Theory of Dendritic Morphology
Quan Wen

8. Reverse Engineering the 3D Structure and Sensory-Evoked Signal Flow of Rat Vibrissal Cortex
Robert Egger, Vincent J. Dercksen, Christiaan P. J. Kock, Marcel Oberlaender

9. Optimized Dendritic Morphologies for Noisy Inputs
Klaus M. Stiefel, Benjamin Torben-Nielsen

Part II. Dendritic Computation

10. Introduction to Dendritic Computation
Michiel W. H. Remme, Benjamin Torben-Nielsen

11. Noisy Dendrites: Models of Dendritic Integration In Vivo
Alain Destexhe, Michelle Rudolph-Lilith

12. Distributed Parallel Processing in Retinal Amacrine Cells
Jeffrey S. Diamond, William N. Grimes

13. Dendritic Computation of Direction in Retinal Neurons
Robert G. Smith, W. Rowland Taylor

14. Rapid Integration Across Tonotopy by Individual Auditory Brainstem Octopus Cells
Matthew J. McGinley

15. Computing Temporal Sequence with Dendrites
Tiago Branco

16. Modelling the Cellular Mechanisms of Fly Optic Flow Processing
Hermann Cuntz, Juergen Haag, Alexander Borst

17. Biophysical Mechanisms of Computation in a Looming Sensitive Neuron
Simon P. Peron

18. Biophysics of Synaptic Inhibition in Dendrites
Albert Gidon

19. Role of Non-uniform Dendrite Properties on Input Processing by GABAergic Interneurons
Anja Matthiä, Marlene Bartos, Imre Vida

20. Subthreshold Resonance and Membrane Potential Oscillations in a Neuron with Nonuniform Active Dendritic Properties
Ekaterina Zhuchkova, Michiel W. H. Remme, Susanne Schreiber

21. A Trade-Off Between Dendritic Democracy and Independence in Neurons with Intrinsic Subthreshold Membrane Potential Oscillations
Michiel W. H. Remme, Máté Lengyel, Boris S. Gutkin

22. Dendrites Enhance Both Single Neuron and Network Computation
Romain D. Cazé, Mark D. Humphries, Boris S. Gutkin

23. Dendritic Size and Topology Influence Burst Firing in Pyramidal Cells
Arjen Ooyen, Ronald A. J. Elburg

24. Stochastic Ion Channel Gating and Probabilistic Computation in Dendritic Neurons
Cian O’Donnell, Matthew F. Nolan

25. Cellular and Dendritic Memory Allocation
George Kastellakis, Panayiota Poirazi

26. Synaptic Plasticity and Pattern Recognition in Cerebellar Purkinje Cells
Giseli Sousa, Reinoud Maex, Rod Adams, Neil Davey, Volker Steuber

27. Response of Gap Junction-Coupled Dendrites: A Sum-Over-Trips Approach
Yulia Timofeeva, Stephen Coombes

28. Automated Parameter Constraining of Single-Neuron Models
Shaul Druckmann

29. Morphological Reduction of Dendritic Neurons
Kathryn R. Hedrick, Steven J. Cox

Keywords: Biomedicine, Neurosciences, Neurobiology, Mathematical Models of Cognitive Processes and Neural Networks

Publication year
Springer Series in Computational Neuroscience
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18 pages
Medicine, Health Care, Mode

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