Naumova, Anna K.

Epigenetics and Complex Traits

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Table of contents

Part I. Epigenetic Phenomena in the Germ Line and Early Embryonic Development and Their Effects on the Inheritance of Genetic Traits

1. Epigenetic Reprogramming in the Mammalian Germline
Stéphanie Maupetit-Méhouas, David Nury, Philippe Arnaud

2. Establishment of Tissue-Specific Epigenetic States During Development
Ionel Sandovici

3. X-Chromosome Inactivation
Wendy P. Robinson, Allison M. Cotton, Maria S. Peñaherrera, Samantha B. Peeters, Carolyn J. Brown

Cis- and Trans-Effects Underlying Polar Overdominance at the Callipyge Locus
Michel Georges, Haruko Takeda, Huijun Cheng, Xu Xuewen, Tracy Hadfield-Shay, Noelle Cockett, Carole Charlier

5. Transgenerational Epigenetic Effects and Complex Inheritance Patterns
Anna K. Naumova

6. Autosomal Monoallelic Expression
Virginia Savova, Alexander A. Gimelbrant

Part II. Epigenetic Variation in Health and Disease

7. Recurrent CNVs in the Etiology of Epigenetic Neurodevelopmental Disorders
Janine M. LaSalle, Mohammad Saharul Islam

8. Impact of the Early-Life Environment on the Epigenome and Behavioral Development
Benoit Labonté, Gustavo Turecki

9. Interaction Between Genetics and Epigenetics in Cancer
Amanda Ewart Toland

Part III. Impact of Epigenetics on Complex Trait Genetics and Analysis

10. Epigenetic Variation, Phenotypic Heritability, and Evolution
Robert E. Furrow, Freddy B. Christiansen, Marcus W. Feldman

11. Statistical Approaches for Detecting Transgenerational Genetic Effects in Humans
Janet S. Sinsheimer, Michelle M. Creek

12. Transmission Ratio Distortion: A Neglected Phenomenon with Many Consequences in Genetic Analysis and Population Genetics
Aurélie Labbe, Lam Opal Huang, Claire Infante-Rivard

13. Epigenome-Wide Association Studies: Potential Insights into Human Disease
Christopher G. Bell

14. Analytical Considerations for Epigenome-Wide Association Scans of Complex Traits
Jordana T. Bell

Keywords: Biomedicine, Human Genetics, Developmental Biology, Statistics for Life Sciences, Medicine, Health Sciences

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