Vodovotz, Yoram

Complex Systems and Computational Biology Approaches to Acute Inflammation

Vodovotz, Yoram - Complex Systems and Computational Biology Approaches to Acute Inflammation, ebook


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Table of contents

1. An Overview of the Translational Dilemma and the Need for Translational Systems Biology of Inflammation
Yoram Vodovotz, Gary An

Part I. Complex Systems Methods and Applications

2. Translational Equation-Based Modeling
Gilles Clermont

3. Agent-Based Modeling in Translational Systems Biology
Scott Christley, Gary An

4. Analysis of Heart Rate Variability
Patrick R. Norris

5. Analysis of Ventilatory Pattern Variability
Thomas E. Dick, Rishi R. Dhingra, Yee-Hsee Hsieh, Mikkel Fishman, Farhad Kaffashi, Kenneth A. Loparo, Christopher G. Wilson, Frank J. Jacono

Part II. Translational Modeling of Sepsis and Trauma

6. Disorder of Systemic Inflammation in Sepsis and Trauma: A Systems Perspective
Kent R. Zettel, Timothy R. Billiar

7. Multiscale Equation-Based Models: Insights for Inflammation and Physiological Variability
Jeremy D. Scheff, Steve E. Calvano, Ioannis P. Androulakis

8. Integrating Data-Driven and Mechanistic Models of the Inflammatory Response in Sepsis and Trauma
Nabil Azhar, Qi Mi, Cordelia Ziraldo, Marius Buliga, Gregory M. Constantine, Yoram Vodovotz

9. In Silico Trials and Personalized Therapy for Sepsis and Trauma
Yoram Vodovotz, John Bartels, Gary An

Part III. Translational Modeling of Wound Healing

10. Disorder of Localized Inflammation in Wound Healing: A Systems Perspective
Sashwati Roy, Amitava Das, Chandan K. Sen

11. Equation-Based Models of Wound Healing and Collective Cell Migration
Julia Arciero, David Swigon

12. Agent-Based Models of Wound Healing
Jordan R. Stern, Cordelia Ziraldo, Yoram Vodovotz, Gary An

Part IV. Translational Modeling of Host-Pathogen Interactions

13. Modeling Host–Pathogen Interactions in Necrotizing Enterocolitis
Julia Arciero, Jared Barber, Moses Kim

14. Modeling Host–Vector–Pathogen Immuno-inflammatory Interactions in Malaria
Yoram Vodovotz, Nabil Azhar, Natasa Miskov-Zivanov, Marius Buliga, Ruben Zamora, Bard Ermentrout, Gregory M. Constantine, James R. Faeder, Nazzy Pakpour, Shirley Luckhart

Part V. Future Perspectives: Translation to Implementation

15. The Rationale and Implementation of Translational Systems Biology as a New Paradigm for the Study of Inflammation
Gary An, Yoram Vodovotz

Keywords: Life Sciences, Systems Biology, Immunology, Biomedicine general

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