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Menahem Max Schiffer: Selected Papers Volume 2

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Table of contents

1. [62] The Fredholm eigen values of plane domains
Peter Duren, Lawrence Zalcman

2. [68] Fredholm eigen values of multiply-connected domains
Peter Duren, Lawrence Zalcman

3. [78] Fredholm eigenvalues and conformal mapping
Peter Duren, Lawrence Zalcman

4. [125] Fredholm eigenvalues and Grunsky matrices
Reiner Kühnau

5. [69] (with G. Pólya) Sur la représentation conforme de l’extérieur d’une courbe fermée convexe
Peter Duren

6. [70] Extremum problems and variational methods in conformal mapping
Peter Duren

7. [72] (with Z. Charzyński) A new proof of the Bieberbach conjecture for the fourth coefficient
Peter Duren

8. [75] (with P. L. Duren) A variational method for functions schlicht in an annulus
Peter Duren

9. [81] (with B. Epstein) On the mean-value property of harmonic functions
Lawrence Zalcman

10. [87] (with N. S. Hawley) Half-order differentials on Riemann surfaces
John Fay

11. [91] (with P. R. Garabedian) The local maximum theorem for the coefficients of univalent functions
Peter Duren

12. [99] Some distortion theorems in the theory of conformal mapping
Peter Duren

13. [103] (with G. Schober) An extremal problem for the Fredholm eigenvalues
Peter Duren, Lawrence Zalcman

14. [106] (with G. Schober) A remark on the paper “An extremal problem for the Fredholm eigenvalues”
Peter Duren, Lawrence Zalcman

15. [117] (with G. Schober) A variational method for general families of quasiconformal mappings
Reiner Kühnau

16. [109] (with J. Hersch and L. E. Payne) Some inequalities for Stekloff eigenvalues
Bodo Dittmar

17. [116] (with J. A. Hummel) Variational methods for Bieberbach-Eilenberg functions and for pairs
Dov Aharonov

18. [121] (with J. A. Hummel and B. Pinchuk) Bounded univalent functions which cover a fixed disk
Bernard Pinchuk

19. [122] (with G. Schober) The dielectric Green’s function and quasi conformal mapping
Brad Osgood

20. [123] (with A. Chang and G. Schober) On the second variation for univalent functions
Peter Duren

21. [126] (with D. Aharonov and L. Zalcman) Potato kugel
Lawrence Zalcman

22. [127] (with P. L. Duren and Y. J. Leung) Support points with maximum radial angle
Peter Duren

23. [135] (with P. L. Duren) Univalent functions which map onto regions of given transfinite diameter
Peter Duren

24. [137] (with P. L. Duren) Robin functions and distortion of capacity under conformal mapping
Peter Duren

25. [138] Issai Schur: Some personal reminiscences
Lawrence Zalcman

Keywords: Mathematics, History of Mathematical Sciences, Calculus of Variations and Optimal Control, Optimization

Publication year
Contemporary Mathematicians
Natural Sciences

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