Simpson, Timothy W.

Advances in Product Family and Product Platform Design

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Table of contents

1. A Review of Recent Literature in Product Family Design and Platform-Based Product Development
Zhila Pirmoradi, G. Gary Wang, Timothy W. Simpson

Part I. Platform Planning and Strategy

2. Crafting Platform Strategy Based on Anticipated Benefits and Costs
Bruce G. Cameron, Edward F. Crawley

3. Multidisciplinary Domains Association in Product Family Design
Hoda ElMaraghy, Tarek AlGeddawy

4. Modular Function Deployment: Using Module Drivers to Impart Strategies to a Product Architecture
Mark W. Lange, Andrea Imsdahl

5. Emphasizing Reuse of Generic Assets Through Integrated Product and Production System Development Platforms
Hans Johannesson

6. Quantifying the Relevance of Product Feature Classification in Product Family Design
Conrad S. Tucker

7. Platform Valuation for Product Family Design
Seung Ki Moon, Timothy W. Simpson

Part II. Platform Architecting and Design

8. A Proactive Scaling Platform Design Method Using Modularity for Product Variations
Keith Hirshburg, Zahed Siddique

9. Architectural Decomposition: The Role of Granularity and Decomposition Viewpoint
Katja Hölttä-Otto, Noemi Chiriac, Dusan Lysy, Eun Suk Suh

10. Integrated Development of Modular Product Families: A Methods Toolkit
Dieter Krause, Gregor Beckmann, Sandra Eilmus, Nicolas Gebhardt, Henry Jonas, Robin Rettberg

11. Solving the Joint Product Platform Selection and Product Family Design Problem: An Efficient Decomposed Multiobjective Genetic Algorithm with Generalized Commonality
Aida Khajavirad, Jeremy J. Michalek, Timothy W. Simpson

12. One-Step Continuous Product Platform Planning: Methods and Applications
Achille Messac, Souma Chowdhury, Ritesh Khire

13. Defining Modules for Platforms: An Overview of the Architecting Process
Katja Hölttä-Otto, Kevin N. Otto, Timothy W. Simpson

14. A QFD-Based Optimization Method for Scalable Product Platform
Xinggang Luo, Jiafu Tang, C. K. Kwong

15. Cascading Platforms for Product Family Design
Jiju A. Ninan, Zahed Siddique

Part III. Product Family Development and Implementation

16. Global Product Family Design: Simultaneous Optimal Design of Module Commonalization and Supply Chain Configuration
Kikuo Fujita

17. Architecture-Centric Design Approach for Multidisciplinary Product Development
A. A. Alvarez Cabrera, H. Komoto, T. J. Beek, T. Tomiyama

18. Product Family Commonality Selection Using Optimization and Interactive Visualization
Ritesh Khire, Jiachuan Wang, Trevor Bailey, Yao Lin, Timothy W. Simpson

19. Developing and Assessing Commonality Metrics for Product Families
Michael D. Johnson, Randolph E. Kirchain

20. Managing Design Processes of Product Families by Modularization and Simulation
Qianli Xu, Roger J. Jiao

21. Design Principles for Reusable Software Product Platforms
Carlos O. Morales

22. Considering Human Variability When Implementing Product Platforms
Christopher J. Garneau, Gopal Nadadur, Matthew B. Parkinson

Part IV. Applications and Case Studies

23. Building, Supplying, and Designing Product Families
David M. Anderson

24. Modular Function Deployment Applied to a Cordless Handheld Vacuum
Fredrik Börjesson

25. Optimal Commonality Decisions in Multiple Ship Classes
Michael J. Corl, Michael G. Parsons, Michael Kokkolaras

26. A Heuristic Approach to Architectural Design of Software-Intensive Product Platforms
Carlos O. Morales

27. Customer Needs Based Product Family Sizing Design: The Viper Case Study
Cassandra Sotos, Gül E. Okudan Kremer, Gülşen Akman

28. Product Family Design and Recovery for Lifecycle
Minjung Kwak, Harrison Kim

29. Application of the Generational Variety Index: A Retrospective Study of iPhone Evolution
Gopal Nadadur, Matthew B. Parkinson, Timothy W. Simpson

30. Designing a Lawn and Landscape Blower Family Using Proactive Platform Design Approach
Keith Hirshburg, Zahed Siddique

Keywords: Engineering, Industrial and Production Engineering, Production/Logistics/Supply Chain Management, Engineering Design, Manufacturing, Machines, Tools

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