Grasser, Tibor

Bias Temperature Instability for Devices and Circuits

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Table of contents

1. Bias Temperature Instability Characterization Methods
Andreas Kerber, Eduard Cartier

2. Application of On-Chip Device Heating for BTI Investigations
Thomas Aichinger, Gregor Pobegen, Michael Nelhiebel

3. Statistical Characterization of BTI-Induced High-k Dielectric Traps in Nanoscale Transistors
Tahui Wang, Jung-Piao Chiu, Yu-Heng Liu

4. The Time-Dependent Defect Spectroscopy
Hans Reisinger

5. Analysis of Oxide Traps in Nanoscale MOSFETs using Random Telegraph Noise
David J. Frank, Hiroshi Miki

6. BTI-Induced Statistical Variations
Stewart E. Rauch

7. Statistical Distribution of Defect Parameters
B. Kaczer, M. Toledano-Luque, J. Franco, P. Weckx

8. Atomic-Scale Defects Associated with the Negative Bias Temperature Instability
Jason P. Campbell, Patrick M. Lenahan

9. Charge Properties of Paramagnetic Defects in Semiconductor/Oxide Structures
V. V. Afanas’ev, M. Houssa, A. Stesmans

10. Oxide Defects
Jian F. Zhang

11. Understanding Negative-Bias Temperature Instability from Dynamic Stress Experiments
Diing Shenp Ang

12. Atomistic Modeling of Defects Implicated in the Bias Temperature Instability
Al-Moatasem El-Sayed, Alexander L. Shluger

13. Statistical Study of Bias Temperature Instabilities by Means of 3D “Atomistic” Simulation
Salvatore Maria Amoroso, Louis Gerrer, Fikru Adamu-Lema, Stanislav Markov, Asen Asenov

14. A Comprehensive Modeling Framework for DC and AC NBTI
Souvik Mahapatra

15. On the Microscopic Limit of the RD Model
Franz Schanovsky, Tibor Grasser

16. Advanced Modeling of Oxide Defects
Wolfgang Goes, Franz Schanovsky, Tibor Grasser

17. The Capture/Emission Time Map Approach to the Bias Temperature Instability
Tibor Grasser

18. Impact of Hydrogen on the Bias Temperature Instability
Gregor Pobegen, Thomas Aichinger, Michael Nelhiebel

19. FEOL and BEOL Process Dependence of NBTI
Souvik Mahapatra

20. Negative Bias Temperature Instability in Thick Gate Oxides for Power MOS Transistors
Ninoslav Stojadinović, Ivica Manić, Danijel Danković, Snežana Djorić-Veljković, Vojkan Davidović, Aneta Prijić, Snežana Golubović, Zoran Prijić

21. NBTI and PBTI in HKMG
Kai Zhao, Siddarth Krishnan, Barry Linder, James H. Stathis

22. PBTI in High-k Oxides
Chadwin D. Young, Gennadi Bersuker

23. Characterization of Individual Traps in High-κ Oxides
M. Toledano-Luque, B. Kaczer

24. NBTI in (Si)Ge Channel Devices
Jacopo Franco, Ben Kaczer

25. Characteristics of NBTI in Multi-gate FETs for Highly Scaled CMOS Technology
Ru Huang, Runsheng Wang, Ming Li

26. Bias-Temperature Instabilities in Silicon Carbide MOS Devices
D. M. Fleetwood, E. X. Zhang, X. Shen, C. X. Zhang, R. D. Schrimpf, S. T. Pantelides

27. On-Chip Silicon Odometers for Circuit Aging Characterization
John Keane, Xiaofei Wang, Pulkit Jain, Chris H. Kim

28. Multilevel Reliability Simulation for IC Design
Ketul B. Sutaria, Jyothi B. Velamala, Venkatesa Ravi, Gilson Wirth, Takashi Sato, Yu Cao

29. Charge Trapping in MOSFETS: BTI and RTN Modeling for Circuits
Gilson Wirth, Yu Cao, Jyothi B. Velamala, Ketul B. Sutaria, Takashi Sato

30. Simulation of BTI-Related Time-Dependent Variability in CMOS Circuits
Javier Martin-Martinez, Rosana Rodriguez, Montse Nafria

Keywords: Engineering, Circuits and Systems, Semiconductors, Electronics and Microelectronics, Instrumentation, Quality Control, Reliability, Safety and Risk

Publication year
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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