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Handbook of Olive Oil

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Jean-Louis Barjol

2. Growing Olives for Oil
Paul Vossen

3. Technological Aspects
Luciano Giovacchino

4. Lipid Metabolism in Olive: Biosynthesis of Triacylglycerols and Aroma Components
Joaquín J. Salas, John L. Harwood, Enrique Martínez-Force

5. Genetics and Molecular Biology of Olives
Georgios Banilas, Polydefkis Hatzopoulos

6. Chromatographic Methodologies: Compounds for Olive Oil Traceability Issues
Manuel León-Camacho, Maria T. Morales, Ramón Aparicio

7. Chromatographic Methodologies: Compounds for Olive Oil Color Issues
Beatriz Gandul-Rojas, Lourdes Gallardo-Guerrero, María Roca, Ramón Aparicio-Ruiz

8. Chromatographic Methodologies: Compounds for Olive Oil Odor Issues
Maria T. Morales, Ramón Aparicio-Ruiz, Ramón Aparicio

9. Analytical Methodologies: Phenolic Compounds Related to Olive Oil Taste Issues
Maria Z. Tsimidou

10. Infrared, Raman, and Fluorescence Spectroscopies: Methodologies and Applications
Diego L. García-González, Vincent Baeten, Juan A. Fernández Pierna, Noelia Tena

11. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance: Methodologies and Applications
Photis Dais

12. Olive Oil Characterization and Traceability
Ramón Aparicio, Diego L. García-González

13. Olive Oil Oxidation
Maria T. Morales, Roman Przybylski

14. Sensory Quality: Methodologies and Applications
Franca Angerosa, Cristina Campestre

15. Olive Oil Consumer Research: Methods and Key Learnings
Claudia Delgado, Metta Santosa, Jean-Xavier Guinard

16. Olive Oil Authentication
Ramón Aparicio, Lanfranco S. Conte, H.-Jochen Fiebig

17. Role of Lipids in Human Nutrition
Parveen Yaqoob

18. Olive Oil as a Functional Food: Nutritional and Health Benefits
Javier S. Perona, Kathleen M. Botham

19. Olive Oil Refining Process
M. Victoria Ruiz-Méndez, Marta R. Aguirre-González, Susana Marmesat

20. Tables of Olive Oil Chemical Data
Diego L. García-González, Carmen Infante-Domínguez, Ramón Aparicio

Keywords: Chemistry, Food Science, Nutrition, Analytical Chemistry

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12 pages
Natural Sciences

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