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Table of contents

Part I. Overview

1. Introduction
Sanjeev V. Kothare, Anna Ivanenko

2. Pathophysiology of Parasomnias
Suresh Kotagal

3. Classification of Parasomnias
Erick N. Viorritto, Aatif M. Husain

4. Diagnosing Parasomnias
Madeleine M. Grigg-Damberger, Frank M. Ralls

Part II. Clinical Characteristics of Arousal Disorders

5. Sleepwalking and Its Variants in Adults
Frank M. Ralls, Madeleine M. Grigg-Damberger

6. Sleepwalking in Children and Adolescents
Ravindra Arya, Sejal V. Jain

7. Sleep Terrors and Confusional Arousals in Adults
Milena Pavlova, Myriam Abdennadher

8. Sleep Terrors and Confusional Arousals in Children and Adolescents
Sejal V Jain

Part III. Clinical Characteristics of Sleep-Wake Transition Disorders

9. Sleep Starts and Sleep Talking
Shelly K. Weiss

Part IV. Clinical Characteristics of Parasomnias Associated with REM Sleep

10. Physiology and Content of Dreams
Ujjwal P. Ramtekkar, Anna Ivanenko, Sanjeev V. Kothare

11. Nightmare Disorders in Adults
Antonio Zadra, Barry Krakow

12. Nightmare Disorders in Children
Sriram Ramgopal, Marcin Zarowski, Sanjeev V. Kothare

13. Recurrent Isolated Sleep Paralysis (RISP)
Sricharan Moturi, Poojitha Matta

14. Sleep-Related Hallucinations
Anna Ivanenko, Sachin Relia

15. REM Behavior Disorder in Adults
Sujay Kansagra, Bradley V. Vaughn

16. REM Behavior Disorder in Children
Sriram Ramgopal, Marcin Zarowski, Sanjeev V. Kothare

Part V. Other Parasomnias

17. Nocturnal Paroxysmal Dystonia
Joseph Kaleyias, Ruchi Arora, Sanjeev V. Kothare

18. Sleep Related Dissociative Disorders
Keith R. Warren

19. Sleep Bruxism
Umakanth Khatwa, Sanjeev V. Kothare

20. Nocturnal Enuresis
Ronald E. Becker

21. Sleep-Related Eating Disorders: A Separate Entity or Part of the NES Clinical Spectrum?
Orna Tzischinsky, Pierguiseppe Vinai, Michael J. Howell, Yael Latzer

22. Parasomnia Overlap Disorder
Thomas Freedom

Part VI. Neurological, Psychiatric, and Medical Disorders Presenting as Parasomnias

23. Neurological Conditions Associated with Parasomnias
Kiran Maski, Smit S. Chauhan

24. Psychiatric Disorders Presenting with Parasomnias
Robert A. Kowatch

25. Medical Disorders Presenting with Parasomnias
Ramadevi Gourineni, Lisa Wolfe

26. Parasomnias Caused by Other Conditions
Harish Rao, Umakanth Khatwa

Part VII. Interventions for Parasomnias

27. Cognitive and Behavioral Interventions for Parasomnias
Cynthia D. Nichols, Connie M. Bongiorno

28. Treatment of Parasomnias
Milena Pavlova, Myriam Abdennadher

29. Use of Alternative Medicines in Parasomnias for Adults and Children
Youngran Chung, Robert C. Dumont

Part VIII. Medicolegal Aspects

30. Sexsomnia: A Medicolegal Case-Based Approach in Analyzing Potential Sleep-Related Abnormal Sexual Behaviors
Michel A. Cramer Bornemann

31. Forensic Aspects of the Parasomnias
Karl Doghramji, Solange Margery Bertoglia, Clarence Watson

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Neurology, Psychiatry, Behavioral Therapy

Publication year
Medicine, Health Care, Mode

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