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Computational and Analytical Mathematics

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Table of contents

1. Normal Numbers and Pseudorandom Generators
David H. Bailey, Jonathan M. Borwein

2. New Demiclosedness Principles for (Firmly) Nonexpansive Operators
Heinz H. Bauschke

3. Champernowne’s Number, Strong Normality, and the X Chromosome
Adrian Belshaw, Peter Borwein

4. Optimality Conditions for Semivectorial Bilevel Convex Optimal Control Problems
Henri Bonnel, Jacqueline Morgan

5. Monotone Operators Without Enlargements
Jonathan M. Borwein, Regina S. Burachik, Liangjin Yao

6. A Brøndsted–Rockafellar Theorem for Diagonal Subdifferential Operators
Radu Ioan Boţ, Ernö Robert Csetnek

7. A q-Analog of Euler’s Reduction Formula for the Double Zeta Function
David M. Bradley, Xia Zhou

8. Fast Computation of Bernoulli, Tangent and Secant Numbers
Richard P. Brent, David Harvey

9. Monotone Operator Methods for Nash Equilibria in Non-potential Games
Luis M. Briceño-Arias, Patrick L. Combettes

10. Compactness, Optimality, and Risk
B. Cascales, J. Orihuela, M. Ruiz Galán

11. Logarithmic and Complex Constant Term Identities
Tom Chappell, Alain Lascoux, S. Ole Warnaar, Wadim Zudilin

12. Preprocessing and Regularization for Degenerate Semidefinite Programs
Yuen-Lam Cheung, Simon Schurr, Henry Wolkowicz

13. The Largest Roots of the Mandelbrot Polynomials
Robert M. Corless, Piers W. Lawrence

14. On the Fractal Distribution of Brain Synapses
Richard Crandall

15. Visible Points in Convex Sets and Best Approximation
Frank Deutsch, Hein Hundal, Ludmil Zikatanov

16. On Derivative Criteria for Metric Regularity
Asen L. Dontchev, Hélène Frankowska

17. Five Classes of Monotone Linear Relations and Operators
Mclean R. Edwards

18. Upper Semicontinuity of Duality and Preduality Mappings
J. R. Giles

19. Convexity and Variational Analysis
A. D. Ioffe

20. Generic Existence of Solutions and Generic Well-Posedness of Optimization Problems
P. S. Kenderov, J. P. Revalski

21. Legendre Functions Whose Gradients Map Convex Sets to Convex Sets
Alexander Knecht, Jon Vanderwerff

22. On the Convergence of Iteration Processes for Semigroups of Nonlinear Mappings in Banach Spaces
W. M. Kozlowski, Brailey Sims

23. Techniques and Open Questions in Computational Convex Analysis
Yves Lucet

24. Existence and Approximation of Fixed Points of Right Bregman Nonexpansive Operators
Victoria Martín-Márquez, Simeon Reich, Shoham Sabach

25. Primal Lower Nice Functions and Their Moreau Envelopes
Marc Mazade, Lionel Thibault

26. Bundle Method for Non-Convex Minimization with Inexact Subgradients and Function Values
Dominikus Noll

27. Convergence of Linesearch and Trust-Region Methods Using the Kurdyka–Łojasiewicz Inequality
Dominikus Noll, Aude Rondepierre

28. Strong Duality in Conic Linear Programming: Facial Reduction and Extended Duals
Gábor Pataki

29. Towards a New Era in Subdifferential Analysis?
Jean-Paul Penot

30. Modular Equations and Lattice Sums
Mathew Rogers, Boonrod Yuttanan

31. An Epigraph-Based Approach to Sensitivity Analysis in Set-Valued Optimization
Douglas E. Ward, Stephen E. Wright

Keywords: Mathematics, Number Theory, Functional Analysis, Operator Theory, Operations Research, Management Science

Publication year
Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics
Natural Sciences

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