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Causes, Impacts and Solutions to Global Warming

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Table of contents

Part I. Causes and Impacts

1. Vegetation at Northern High Latitudes Under Global Warming
Kari Taulavuori

2. Exceptionally Hot Summers Months in Central and Eastern Europe During the Years 1951–2010
Robert Twardosz, Urszula Kossowska-Cezak

3. Spatial Correlations and Distributions of Heating and Cooling Degree-Day Normals in Turkey
Ilhami Yildiz, Jin Yue, Tri Nguyen-Quang, Joshua Lowrey, Asena Cansu Yildiz

4. Use of Empirical Regression and Artificial Neural Network Models for Estimation of Global Solar Radiation in Dubai, UAE
Hassan A. N. Hejase, Ali H. Assi, Maitha H. Al Shamisi

5. Turkish Water Foundation Climate Change Downscaling Model Principles
Zekâi Şen, Ahmet Öztopal

6. Climate Change Expectations in the Next Half Century of Turkey
Sevinc Sirdas, Zekâi Şen, Ahmet Öztopal

7. Environmental Pollution by Organic Contaminants as the Contributors of the Global Warming
Jelena Radonić, Maja Turk-Sekulić, Mirjana Vojinović-Miloradov

8. Assessment of Vulnerability to Climate Change Using Indicators: Methodological Challenges
Fahim N. Tonmoy, Abbas El-Zein

9. Investigating the Climate Change Impacts on the Water Resources of the Konya Closed Basin Area (Turkey) Using Satellite Remote Sensing Data
Semih Ekercin, Elif Sertel, Filiz Dadaser-Celik, Savas Durduran

10. Trend Analysis of Rainfall in North Cyprus
Rahme Seyhun, Bertuğ Akıntuğ

11. Forecasting Tropical Storms in the Eastern Region of the United Arab Emirates: Lessons Learnt from Gonu
Saif A. Ahmed, Mohammad bin Jarsh, Saoud Al-Abdooli, Mohamed K. Al-Radhi, Abdulla Galadari

12. Future Challenges in Urban Drainage Systems Under Global Warming
Mawada Abdellatif, William Atherton, Rafid Alkhaddar

13. Preliminary Analysis on Phenological Data of Plants in an Urban Environment
Luciano Massetti

14. Impacts of Climate Change on Cereal Production in the Setif High Plains (North-East of Algeria)
Mohamed Fenni

15. Environmental Impact of Soil Microorganisms on Global Change
Mohammadali Khalvati, Ibrahim Dincer

16. Environmental Consciousness of Local People of Yakutia Under Global Climate Change
Yury I. Zhegusov, Stanislav M. Ksenofontov, Trofim Ch. Maximov, Atsuko Sugimoto, Go Iwahana

17. Environmental Impact Assessment of Explosive Volcanoes: A Case Study
Faruk Aydın, Adnan Midilli, Ibrahim Dincer

18. Probabilistic Health Risk Assessment of PCDD/Fs in Vegetable Foods at Highly Polluted Area in Turkey
Seda Aslan Kilavuz, Ertan Durmusoglu, Aykan Karademir

19. Selenium Adsorption on Activated Carbon by Using Radiotracer Technique
A. Beril Tugrul, Sevilay Haciyakupoglu, Sema Akyıl Erenturk, Nilgun Karatepe, A. Filiz Baytas, Nesrin Altinsoy, Nilgun Baydogan, Bulent Buyuk, Ertugrul Demir

20. Teaching the Carbon Cycle Using IBL in the Secondary Schools
Francesca Ugolini, Luciano Massetti

21. BTEX in the Exhaust Emissions of Motor Vehicles
Dragan Adamović, Jovan Dorić, Mirjana Vojinović-Miloradov

22. Construction Criteria for the Sustainable Ecosystem
Necat Ozgur

Part II. Potential Solutions

23. An Approach to Assessment of Sustainability of Energy Systems
Kevork Hacatoglu, Marc A. Rosen, Ibrahim Dincer

24. Comparative Environmental Impact and Sustainability Assessments of Hydrogen and Cooling Production Systems
Tahir A. H. Ratlamwala, Ibrahim Dincer, Mohamed A. Gadalla

25. Integration of Cu–Cl Cycle of Hydrogen Production with Nuclear and Renewable Energy Systems for Better Environment
Seyedali Aghahosseini, Ibrahim Dincer, Greg F. Naterer

26. Comparative Environmental Impact Assessment of Nuclear-Based Hydrogen Production via Mg–Cl and Cu–Cl Thermochemical Water Splitting Cycles
Ahmet Ozbilen, Ibrahim Dincer, Marc A. Rosen

27. Large Scale Photo-reactors for Environmentally Benign Solar Hydrogen Production
Ehsan Baniasadi, Ibrahim Dincer, Greg F. Naterer

28. Comparative Environmental Impact Evaluation of Hydrogen Production Methods from Renewable and Nonrenewable Sources
Canan Acar, Ibrahim Dincer

29. Current Status of Fabrication of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells for Emission-Free Energy Conversion
Ayhan Sarikaya, Aligul Buyukaksoy, Fatih Dogan

30. Algae, Biofuels, and Modeling
Ilhami Yildiz, Tri Nguyen-Quang, Thomas Mehlitz, Bryan Brooker

31. Assessment of Sewage Sludge Potential from Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants for Sustainable Biogas and Hydrogen Productions in Turkey
Aysegul Abusoglu, Sinan Demir, Mehmet Kanoglu

32. Possibilities of Improving the Bioethanol Production from Cornmeal by Yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. ellipsoideus

Svetlana Nikolić, Ljiljana Mojović, Aleksandra Djukić-Vuković

33. Utilizing Bamboo Biochar for Carbon Sequestration and Local Economic Development
Michael Hall

34. The Integrated Solid Waste Management System: Its Implementation and Impacts Towards the Environment
O. Norazli, A. B. Noor Ezlin, M. Y. Muhd Noor, C. Shreeshivadasan, O. Nor’azizi

35. Modelling Anaerobic Digestion Process for Grass Silage After Beating Treatment Using Design of Experiment
Fatma Alfarjani, Ayad K. M. Aboderheeba, Khaled Benyounis, Abdul-Ghani Olabi

36. Biogas Potential of Animal Wastes for Electricity Generation in Ardahan City of Turkey
Betül Özer

37. Clean Technology for Volatile Organic Compound Removal from Wastewater
Filiz Ugur Nigiz, Nilufer Durmaz Hilmioglu

38. Comparison of Thermal Properties and Kinetics of Selected Waste Wood Samples in Two Different Atmospheres
Sema Yurdakul, Aysel Atımtay

39. Reducing Global Warming by Process Integration
Abdulwahab Giwa, Suleyman Karacan

40. Environmental Impact Assessments of Integrated Multigeneration Energy Systems
Pouria Ahmadi, Ibrahim Dincer, Marc A. Rosen

41. Integrated Renewable Energy-Based Systems for Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Mehdi Hosseini, Ibrahim Dincer, Marc A. Rosen

42. Exergetic and Environmental Impact Assessment of an Integrated System for Utilization of Excess Power from Thermal Power Plant
Tahir A. H. Ratlamwala, Ibrahim Dincer, Bale V. Reddy

43. Exergy Analysis and Environmental Impact Assessment of a Geothermal Power Plant
Hadi Ganjehsarabi, Ibrahim Dincer, Ali Gungor

44. Exergy Analysis and Environmental Impact Assessment of Solar-Driven Heat Pump Drying Systems
Hasan Ozcan, Ibrahim Dincer

45. Regional Energy Planning Tool for Renewable Integrated Low-Energy District Heating Systems: Environmental Assessment
Hakan İbrahim Tol, Ibrahim Dincer, Svend Svendsen

46. Exergy Analysis and Environmental Impact Assessment of Using Various Refrigerants for Hybrid Electric Vehicle Thermal Management Systems
Halil S. Hamut, Ibrahim Dincer, Greg F. Naterer

47. Green Building Approach in Turkish Aviation Sector
Isil Yazar, Emre Kiyak, T. Hikmet Karakoc

48. Assessment of Energy Efficiencies and Environmental Impacts of Railway and Bus Transportation Options
Mine Sertsoz, Sule Kusdogan, Onder Altuntas

49. A Change in the Transportation Needs Today, a Better Future for Tomorrow: Climate Change Review
Leonard E. N. Ekpeni, Abdul-Ghani Olabi

50. Emission Analysis of a Commercial Aircraft for Different Ranges
Hakan Aydın, Onder Turan, T. Hikmet Karakoc, Adnan Midilli

51. Effect of Cavitation in Ships on the Environment
Munir Suner, Onur Birdal

52. Effective Ship Ballast Water Treatment System Management
Levent Bilgili, Kaan Ünlügençoğlu, Uğur Buğra Çelebi

53. Coal as a Component of Sustainable Energy Portfolio
Muhammad A. A. Khan, Ali Muhtaroğlu

54. Adsorption Capacity, Towards Carbon Dioxide, of a Chemically Activated Coal
Abdelhamid Addoun, Larbi Temdrara, Aissa Khelifi

55. Integrated Coal Power Plant and Cu–Cl Water Splitting Cycle for Greenhouse Gases Reduction
Calin Zamfirescu, Ibrahim Dincer, Greg F. Naterer

56. Potential Methods for Converting Coal into Gasification Products for Reduced Global Warming
Jale Gülen

57. Experimental and Theoretical Analysis of Evapotranspiration in Green Roof Systems
Harisha Karanam, William Retzlaff, Susan Morgan, Serdar Celik

58. New Parameters for Reduction of Heating Based Greenhouse Gas Emissions: A Case Study
Can Coskun, Mustafa Ertürk, Zuhal Oktay, Ibrahim Dincer

59. Environmental Impact Assessment of Building Energy Systems
M. Tolga Balta, Ibrahim Dincer, Arif Hepbasli

60. Environmental Impact Assessment of Various Energy Storage Options for Buildings
Hakan Caliskan, Ibrahim Dincer, Arif Hepbasli

61. Comparative Environmental Impact Assessment of Residential HVAC Systems
Nader Javani, Fadi Abraham, Ibrahim Dincer, Marc A. Rosen

62. Comparative Assessment of Costs and CO2 Emissions for Various Residential Energy Options
Sinan Ozlu, Ibrahim Dincer, Greg F. Naterer

Keywords: Energy, Renewable and Green Energy, Climate Change Management and Policy, Renewable and Green Energy, Sustainable Development

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