O'Neil, Harold F.

Teaching and Measuring Cognitive Readiness

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Table of contents

Part I. Theory/Context

1. What Is Cognitive Readiness?
Harold F. O’Neil, Joan (Yuan-Chung) Lang, Ray S. Perez, Donna Escalante, F Sutter Fox

2. The Evolving Definition of Cognitive Readiness for Military Operations
J. D. Fletcher, Alexander P. Wind

3. Learning and Assessment: Twenty-First Century Skills and Cognitive Readiness
Eva L. Baker

4. A Model for Instruction and Assessment of Cognitive Readiness
Robert J. Sternberg

5. Situational Load and Personal Attributes: Implications for Cognitive Readiness, Adaptive Readiness, and Training
Stephen J. Zaccaro, Eric J. Weis, Tiffani R. Chen, Michael D. Matthews

6. The Development and Assessment of Cognitive Readiness: Lessons Learned from K-12 Education
Joan L. Herman

7. Cognitive Readiness for Solving Equations
Gregory K. W. K. Chung, Girlie C. Delacruz

8. What Problem Solvers Know: Cognitive Readiness for Adaptive Problem Solving
Richard E. Mayer

9. A Theoretically Based Approach to Cognitive Readiness and Situation Awareness Assessment
Cheryl A. Bolstad, Mica R. Endsley, Haydee M. Cuevas

10. Adaptive Expertise and Cognitive Readiness: A Perspective from the Expert-Performance Approach
K. Anders Ericsson

Part II. Cognitive Readiness Applications

11. Creative Thinking Abilities: Measures for Various Domains
Eunsook Hong

12. Using Analogies as a Basis for Teaching Cognitive Readiness
Keith J. Holyoak, Lindsey E. Richland

13. Simulation Assessment of Cognitive Readiness
Klaus Breuer, Siegfried Streufert

14. Assessing Cognitive Readiness in a Simulation-Based Training Environment
William L. Bewley, John J. Lee, Barbara Jones, Hongwen Cai

15. Software Support for Teaching and Measuring Cognitive Readiness
Allen Munro

16. Cognitive Readiness for Complex Team Performance
Clint Bowers, Janis Cannon-Bowers

17. Impact of Individual Game-Based Training on Team Cognitive Readiness
Talib S. Hussain, Clint Bowers, Holly Blasko-Drabik

Keywords: Education, Educational Psychology, Educational Technology

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