Osterholtz, Anna J.

Commingled and Disarticulated Human Remains

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Anna J. Osterholtz, Kathryn M. Baustian, Debra L. Martin

Part I. Long Term Usage Assemblages

2. Making Sense of Social Behavior from Disturbed and Commingled Skeletons: A Case Study from Çatalhöyük, Turkey
Başak Boz, Lori D. Hager

3. Commingled Human Skeletal Assemblages: Integrative Techniques in Determination of the MNI/MNE
Anna J. Osterholtz, Kathryn M. Baustian, Debra L. Martin, Daniel T. Potts

4. Bioarchaeological Spatial Analysis of the Walker-Noe Crematory (15GD56)
Nicholas P. Herrmann, Joanne L. Devlin, Jessica C. Stanton

5. Into the Kettle: The Analysis of Commingled Remains from Southern Ontario
Bonnie Glencross

Part II. Episodic Assemblages

6. Crow Creek Bone Bed Commingling: Relationship Between Bone Mineral Density and Minimum Number of Individuals and Its Effect on Paleodemographic Analyses
Ashley Kendell, P. Willey

7. Extreme Processing at Mancos and Sacred Ridge: The Value of Comparative Studies
Anna J. Osterholtz

8. Disarticulated and Disturbed, Processed and Eaten? Cautionary Notes from the La Plata Assemblage (AD 1000–1150)
Debra L. Martin, Nancy J. Akins, H. Wolcott Toll

9. Partible, Permeable, and Relational Bodies in a Maya Mass Grave
William N. Duncan, Kevin R. Schwarz

Part III. Caveats and Contributions from Other Disciplines

10. Unmingling Commingled Museum Collections: A Photographic Method
Katie J. Zejdlik

11. Primary and Secondary Burials with Commingled Remains from Archaeological Contexts in Cyprus, Greece, and Turkey
Sherry C. Fox, Kathryn Marklein

12. Commingled Bone Assemblages: Insights from Zooarchaeology and Taphonomy of a Bone Bed at Karain B Cave, SW Turkey
Levent Atici

13. Normal Goat or Diseased Human? Disciplinary Boundaries and Methodological Traps in the Analysis of Fragmentary Remains at Franchthi Cave, Greece
Della Collins Cook

14. Taking Analyses of Commingled Remains into the Future: Challenges and Prospects
Kathryn M. Baustian, Anna J. Osterholtz, Della Collins Cook

Keywords: Social Sciences, Archaeology, Anthropology

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