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Building Sustainable Information Systems

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Table of contents

1. Managing Sustainable Information Systems Development: Complexity, Culture, Balance and Mindfulness
Karlheinz Kautz

2. The Role of Trust in the Initial Adoption of Identity Management Systems
Ali Alkhalifah, John D’Ambra

3. A Conceptual Framework for Aligning Business and Information Systems from Organisational Learning Perspective
Hamad Balhareth, Kecheng Liu

4. Business and ICT Alignment in Higher Education: A Case Study in Measuring Maturity
Balbir S. Barn, Tony Clark, Gary Hearne

5. Investigating Post-outsourcing Decisions: Using the Intellectual Capital View
Hamish T. Barney, Aybüke Aurum, Graham C. Low, Kevin Wang

6. Improved Initial Class Diagrams with ATSA:OO
Robert B. K. Brown, Angela M. E. Piper

7. Information Systems for the Social Well-Being of Senior Australians
Lois Burgess, Helen Hasan, Carole Alcock

8. A Framework for Evaluating the Impact of High-Bandwidth Internet Provision and Use on Digital Literacy and Social Life Outcomes in Australia
S. Dane, M. Fahey, C. Mason, R. Zwan, J. Tucker, D. Bradford, C. Griffith

9. A Social-Creative-Cognitive (SCC) Model for Requirements Engineering
Linda Dawson

10. Beyond Interface Design: Considering Learner Cognition When Designing E-Learning Systems
Mark Freeman, Abdallah Alasraj, Paul Chandler

11. Methodological Framework for the Transition from Requirements to Software Architectures
Matthias Galster, Armin Eberlein, Li Jiang

12. Integrating Enterprise Architecture and IT Service Management
Nelson Gama, Pedro Sousa, Miguel Mira Silva

13. Software Process Management: A Model-Based Approach
L. García-Borgoñon, J. A. García-García, M. Alba, M. J. Escalona

14. Improving NDT with Automatic Test Case Generation
J. Gutiérrez, M. J. Escalona, M. Mejías, F. Domínguez, C. R. Cutilla

15. Architectures for Evolving System of Systems in Complex Environments
Igor Hawryszkiewycz

16. A Multimodeling Approach for Quality-Driven Architecture Derivation
Emilio Insfran, Silvia Abrahão, Javier González-Huerta, John D. McGregor, Isidro Ramos

17. IS Degrees: Sociotechnical or Technosocial? A Reflective Analysis
Jenny Coady, Tessa Berg, Rob Pooley

18. Model-Driven Development of Model Transformations Supporting Traces Generation
Álvaro Jiménez, Juan M. Vara, Verónica A. Bollati, Esperanza Marcos

19. An Approach for Identifying Business Requirements for Development of Prospective ERP Systems
Björn Johansson, Sven A. Carlsson

20. Conflict in the Value Chain: An Analysis of Competitive Advantage in Requirements Management of ERPs
Björn Johansson, Mike Newman

21. Evolving IT Management Frameworks Towards a Sustainable Future
Marcel Korte, Kevin Lee, Chun Che Fung

22. Improving Efficiency of Managing Projects by Quality-Oriented Modelling of Processes
Michał Kuciapski

23. A Performance Management Model for Agile Information Systems Development Teams
Garry Lohan, Michael Lang, Kieran Conboy

24. ELISA: Extensible Layer for Internet Services and Applications
Lubos Matl, Vladimir Kloucek, Viktor B. Bohdal, Jan Kubr, Tomas Cerny

25. Knowledge Networks and Innovation-Driven Collaborations: A Study in Victoria’s Biotechnology Industry
Adel Moslehi, Henry Linger, Kerry Tanner

26. Global Development, ICT4D, Education for All
Anders G. Nilsson, Thérèse H. Nilsson

27. Towards Improving Information Systems Interoperability in Disaster Management
Ovidiu Noran

28. Enterprise Architecture Modelling for Corporate Sustainability
Malgorzata Pankowska

29. Understanding IS Risk Emergence from Escalation Perspective
Nipon Parinyavuttichai, Angela Y. Lin

30. Profiles in Professional Social Networks
Jaroslav Pokorný

31. XML Query Adaptation as Schema Evolves
Marek Polák, Irena Mlýnková, Eric Pardede

32. Handling the Complexity of ISD Projects with Agile Methods: A Conceptual Foundation
Corina Raduescu, Asif Qumer Gill

33. OptBPPlanner: Automatic Generation of Optimized Business Process Enactment Plans
Andrés Jiménez, Irene Barba, Carmelo Valle, Barbara Weber

34. Modelling Life Cycles of Generic Object Classes
Vaclav Repa

35. It Is About Time: Investigating the Temporal Parameters of Decision-Making in Agile Teams
Niamh O. Riordan, Tom Acton, Kieran Conboy, Willie Golden

36. Towards Monitoring Correspondence Between Education Demand and Offer
Peteris Rudzajs, Marite Kirikova

37. IT Governance: A Baseline Implementation Roadmap of a Bank in Thailand
Sureerat Saetang, Abrar Haider, Andy Koronios

38. DBMS Application Layer Intrusion Detection for Data Warehouses
Ricardo Jorge Santos, Jorge Bernardino, Marco Vieira

39. Crowdsourcing Large-Scale Ecological Monitoring: Identifying Design Principles to Motivate Contributors
Christoph Schneider, Frederik Briel

40. An Analysis of Enterprise Architecture Frameworks from a Coherent Enterprise Description Viewpoint
Vladimir Selcan, Alena Buchalcevova

41. Query-Driven Method for Improvement of Data Warehouse Conceptual Model
Darja Solodovnikova, Laila Niedrite, Aivars Niedritis

42. Capabilities and Affordances of Virtual Worlds for People with Lifelong Disability
Karen Stendal, Judith Molka-Danielsen

43. A Triple-Helix Model of Sustainable Government Information Infrastructure: Case Study of the eProcurement System in the Indonesian Public Sector
Fathul Wahid

44. Usability Work in Agile Systems Development Practice: A Systematic Review
Adeola Wale-Kolade, Peter Axel Nielsen, Tero Päivärinta

45. Data and Information Quality Research in Engineering Construction Projects: A Review of Literature
Soffi Westin

46. Aligning Communication Analysis with the Unifying Meta-model for Enterprise Modeling
Iyad Zikra, Sergio España, Marcela Ruiz, Oscar Pastor, Janis Stirna

Keywords: Computer Science, Information Systems and Communication Service, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, Computer Science, general

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Information Technology, Telecommunications

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