Spini, Dario

War, Community, and Social Change

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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction

1. Towards a Community Approach of the Aftermath of War in the Former Yugoslavia: Collective Experiences, Social Practices, and Representations
Dario Spini, Guy Elcheroth, Rachel Fasel

2. Collective Experiences and Collective Memories: Writing the History of Crisis, Wars, and the “Balkanisation of Yugoslavia”
Tvrtko Jakovina

Part II. War and the Violent Experience of Community: How Ethnic Boundaries Became Part of Social Reality

3. Ethnic Intolerance as a Product Rather than a Cause of War: Revisiting the State of the Art
Dusko Sekulic

4. The Demise of Mixed Marriage?
Jean-Marie Le Goff, Francesco Giudici

5. The Destruction of Multiethnic Locations: Markers of Identity and the Determinants of Residential Trajectories
Jacques-Antoine Gauthier, Eric D. Widmer

6. Compliance and Resistance to the Logic of Ethnic Conflict During the Siege of Sarajevo (Invited voice)
Ivana Macek

7. Beyond Ethnic Intolerance: Traces and Benefits of Ethnic Diversity in Post-War Bosnia-Herzegovina
Davide Morselli, Stefano Passini

Part III. Community and the Traumatising Experience of War: Collective Dimensions of Vulnerability and Resilience

8. From Collective Victimhood to Social Reconciliation: Outlining a Conceptual Framework
Daniel Bar-Tal, Sabina Cehajic-Clancy

9. Traumatised Selves: Does War Trauma Facilitate In-Group Bonding and Out-Group Distancing?
Dinka Corkalo Biruski, Sandra Penic

10. When Nobody Stood Up and Everybody is Guilty: A Puzzle of Individual Responsibility and Collective Guilt (Invited voice)
Svetlana Broz

11. Threatened Powers: When Blaming “the others” Grows out of Internal Instability and Protest
Sandra Penic, Dinka Corkalo Biruski, Guy Elcheroth

12. Shattered Beliefs: How to Cope When the World Is not a Just Place?
Rachel Fasel, Dario Spini

13. A Slipping Memory: Can the International Criminal Tribunal be a Bulwark Against Oblivion?(Invited voice)
Florence Hartmann

14. Beyond Collective Denial: Public Reactions to Human Rights Violations and the Struggle over the Moral Continuity of Communities
Guy Elcheroth, Dario Spini

15. Conclusion-War and Community: What Have We Learned About Their Relationship?
Guy Elcheroth, Dinka Corkalo Biruski, Dario Spini

Keywords: Psychology, Cross Cultural Psychology, International Relations, Migration

Publication year
Peace Psychology Book Series
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12 pages

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